Hey everyone listen up starting today there'll be an awards show and you get to vote there'll be 5 sub catagorys and 1 main catagory which is the best catagory. You get to vote for favorite nominee out of the 4 and the after I tally the results it'll be uplouded on youtube. Another catagory will be posted after a certain date is made in this case for our first catagory you have until Wednsday October 10th 2012, so withou further ado heres our first catagory

Biggest Conflict

Heather and Leshawna:

The conflict between Heather and Leshawna began in the very beginning of Total Drama Island, when Leshawna couldn't stand Heather's snobby ways, while Heather doesn't like Leshawna's ghetto persona and also constantly mocks about her weight. Their rivalry was one of the major conflicts of the season. In Total Drama Action, their conflict continued, but were less bitter than it was last season. While they have shown to still be physical with each other in episodes like 3:10 to Crazytown and Masters of Disasters, they have also been able to work together as a team with the rest of the Screaming Gaffers rather effectively, which has earned them many victories during the first half of the season. When Leshawna was caught on-camera badmouthing all of the other contestants, Heather surprisingly took sides with her. After Heather was eliminated that same episode, she and Leshawna formed a truce and apparently, become friends. In Total Drama World Tour, Leshawna was charmed by Alejandro, but when Heather tried to stop him from doing that, Leshawna immediately slapped Heather numerous times, resulting in her elimination in Slap Slap Revolution. Leshawna's action has broke the truce and they become enemies once


Gwen and Heather:

From the moment they first met, Gwen and Heather displayed a strong dislike for one another. In Total Drama Island, Gwen was one of the most frequent victims of Heather's cruel tricks, and was given the nickname "Weird Goth Girl." The most notorious example of this bullying was in Search and Do Not Destroy, where Heather deceives Gwen into believing that her love interest, Trent, was cheating on her with Heather. However, Gwen usually exacts her revenge on Heather, occasionally with the aid of her friend, Leshawna, who has a similar hatred towards Heather. It was due to Gwen orchestrating a brief alliance with Owen in I Triple Dog Dare You! that Heather suffered her greatest humiliation to date: accidentally having her hair shaved off. Heather was eliminated from the competition in the process and Gwen advanced to the final two with Owen for the $100,000.

Their intense rivalry and conflict continues in Total Drama Action, when they are placed on the same team again. They immediately butt heads from the moment they step off the bus that carry them to their new location, an abandoned film lot. Although Gwen still despises Heather due to her actions in the first season, she reluctantly selects Heather for her team, the Screaming Gaffers, due to Leshawna's advice to "keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer." Following the conclusion of the second season, it was revealed in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special that the two girls engaged in a video blog war with each other, confirming that the conflict is still very much alive.

The conflict has continued as of Total Drama World Tour, but has lost some focus. However, early on in the season, Gwen and Courtney teamed up against Heather, and attempted to vote her off. The plan ultimately failed, due to Heather being spared in a fake elimination. Later, Gwen is caught kissing Courtney's boyfriend Duncan behind her back, as revealed by Tyler; this scandal completely took the target off Heather's back as Courtney furiously turned against Gwen and desperately tried to get her eliminated. Although Heather teamed up with Courtney for a while against Gwen, she eventually lost her patience with Courtney due to her going so far as to throw challenges to get their team to lose so that Gwen could be voted off. Since Heather disapproved of this, considering winning more important than eliminating Gwen, she ironically ended up teaming up with Gwen against Courtney, only for Gwen to be eliminated in the same episode that they teamed up in.

Anne Maria and Zoey:

The two of them are placed on the same team, but have little interactions in the first few episodes of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. However, conflict arises when Anne Maria starts to like Mike (Vito to be precise) and another love triangle is born. Eventually, Mike chooses Zoey over Anne Maria once he was able to conquer his personalities.

Brick and Jo:

As two of the most physically adept members of the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island cast, both have had a conflict with each other during their time together on the Mutant Maggots, then later on the Toxic Rats. The two often compete with each other over leadership of their team as well as to see who is the more atheletic contestant. Additionally, Jo doesn't like Brick for following his code of not leaving any friends behind as Jo thinks of everyone, but her as being weak. However, the two of them do have respect for each other and think of one another as a solid competitor.

Remeber to vote for the biggest conflict and i'll tally the results when I ulpoud the nest catagory. To vote add which contestant(s) should get the reward in the comments.

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