Hello Everyone Welcome to My roleply version of Truth or Hammer where cotestants from the total drama Where contestants have awnser questions or else they face their torture. They also have to sing a song like in Total Drama 477pages on
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Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) November 11th 2012
First Aired (USA) November 11th 2012
Challenge(s) *TBA*
Winner(s) *TBA*
Guest Courtney
Episode Guide

World Tour. (Note: The contestant that i say qulify for season 5 are contestants who'll said to be in season 5 by producers its unkwon whether that contestant qualifys for season 5 if he or she dosen't i'll fix that somehow.)

Chris played by Blacklightning

Courtney played by CoGreen2.0

Chris: Welcome Everyone to Truther or Hammer where I ask the contestants questions that tyey have to awnser?

  • Chris: Now lets introduce our first Guest Courtney.
  • Courtney: Hi. It's great to see you all.
  • Chris: Great to see you to Courtney?
  • Courtney: Thanks. I'm sure my lawyers will be happy to see you too. After everything you've made me go through!
  • Chris: Yeah we updated your contract so we can avoid that issue.
  • Courtney: We'll see....We'll see.
  • Chris: Remeber that you have to awnser theese questions truthfull or a giant hammer try to hurt you.
  • Courtney: I'll try my best to speak my mind.
  • Chris: Okay Courtney you used to be so nice in tdi now your the lowest girl we've ever see, what made so nasty?
  • Courtney: Nasty? Me!? I'm just playing the game. Is that so bad?
  • Chris: You tell me if threatening to kill someone, trowing soemone off a plane then a tower is just playing the game.
  • Courtney: Interpret it however you want. I believe I did what needed to be done.
  • Chris: Did hold any grudge wen you found out that you weren't comepeting for season 4?
  • Courtney: I still have a grudge against a certain cheap, no-good, host named Chris McLean!
  • Chris: Hey interns are you done axing my cannon yet?
  • Courtney: A cannon? You're kidding? Chris, you are insane!
  • Chris: I'll shoot Duncan out of it if you don't file any lawsuits.
  • Courtney: (instantly becomes friendly) Might I say Chris, you have nice hair today.
  • Chris: Thats better .(Presses a button that shot Duncan into the night sky)
  • Courtney: If I don't trash the studio, can we shoot Gwen out next?
  • Chris: Chef find Gwen now!
  • Courtney: Any questions?
  • Chris: Okay next question Courtney Any thoughts of have any fiends you have left?
  • Courtney: Well, there's Bridgette. I also have Alejandro. But Alejandro is more like...a boyfriend.
  • Chris: Did you ever laugh when Cody punched Duncan so hard back at Greece?
  • Courtney: I would have punched him too. Though having a pipsqueak knock him out was fun to watch.
  • Chris: One more thing interns role in the screen with my tape!
  • Courtney: What?
  • Chris: Since most songs are created y an emontion I haved savedthis tape of what Alejandro said about you on the way to Sweden.
  • Courtney: (watched the clip) WHAT!? But the cookie? And the skateboard...WHAT!?
  • Chris: Did you really think Alejandro liked you?
  • Courtney: Well..YEAH!.(groans) THAT JERK! I helped him! We ate cookies
  • (Music chime like on TDWT rings)
  • Courtney: You're kidding! Really!?
  • Chris: I thought the songs were so great on total drama world tour i'll have on ths sho here to.
  • Courtney: (sighs) You stink. (music begins to the theme of "Stuck to a Pole")
  • Courtney: You impressed me with your looks, your brain and your brawn!
  • But i never saw that you were a devil spawn.
  • You played with my heart, from dusk to dawn.
  • How could I be so blind? I was your pawn!
  • Al is bad! I'm not glad that he tricked me, now I'm mad!
  • AL! Al is an evil jeeerrrrkkk!
  • Courtney: I never ever want to see him no more!
  • I let him in my heart, now I'm shutting the door.
  • He wants to trick me again, now way! No more!
  • He got the best of me. NOW IT'S WAR!
  • AL is bad, I'm not glad that he tricked me now I'm mad!
  • AL! Al is an evil jeeeerrrrk
  • That AL! He's such a jeeerrrrrkkkkk!
  • (song ends)
  • Chris: Looks wher're out of time, (chris hands Courtney a parachute)
  • Courtney: What!? (sighs) Fine! Do I get to be in Season 5 now?
  • Chris" You'll find out we'll call you by pda.
  • Courtney: Good! Because I got a new PDA right here! (PDA falls out of plane) NOOOOOOO (leaps out after it)
  • Chris: will Courtney find her pda and will we bring her back fnd out next time on truth or hammer.

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