This my ranking enjoy (Note: to tell the ranking you have scroll from top to what the contestant first said)

Dawn: Guess i'm number #1.

Dj : What up?

Dawn: Your aura is pink delicate to shows you cared a lot for others.

Dj: Whats with the aura talk?

Dawn: I can read auras.

Noah: And i'm the guy who is a fan favotrite to a ton of fans.

Dj: Whats up Noah?

Noah: Not much why I was home I was getting things so I can knock em knock out, throw em out ra ra.

Duncan: Hey everyone has anyone seen Gwen?

Dj: She'll be here.

Duncan: Whats up Dj?

  • Dj and Duncan high five each other*

Brick: Brick reporting for duty!

Duncan: How did Revenge of the go?

Brick: Pretty well other than the food, the beds, and the wildlife.

Heather: Well i'm glad I'm higher than goth girl.

  • Duncan begins to beat up Heather*

Tyler: Let me punch this fool?!

Duncan: Good Tyler punch this fool.

  • Tyler begins to puch Duncan*

Duncan: Not what I had in mind.

  • Izzy uses a whistle*

Brick: Sir yes sir.

Izzy: Does that mean i'm a general @ Noah Maggot I command you to save the pinecomes!

Noah: No thanks nutsy.

Owen Is that you Noah?!

  • Owen begins to hug Noah*

Owen: Izzy i'm wandering if we can get back together?

Izzy: Sorry but I'm with Noah he's so funny.

Owen: Oh.

Harold: Hey I hope Leshawna is okay.

Noah: He's fine.

Cody: Can someone hide me?!

Izzy: Try that shed.

Cody: Thanks.

  • Cody hides in the safe*

Sierra: Has anyone seen Cody?

Duncan: He's in that shed.

Sierra: Thanks

  • Sierra begins to hug Cody*
  • Everyone looks at Duncan*

Duncan: I took a big punch from that pissqueck.

Cameron: My first time meeting a very big rock.

  • Lightning sees Cameron

Lightning: You!

  • Lightning throws Cameron across the other side of the field*

Lightning: Thats for stealing victory from me*

Mike: Has anyone seen Zoey?

Zoey: Hi Mike.

Mike: Never mind.

Lindsay: Hey its Tyler.

  • Lindsay Begins to make out with Tyler*
  • Leshawna high fives Harold*

Leshawna: I knew it Heather 10 bucks if you please.

  • Heather gives Leshawna 10 bucks*

Gwen: There you Duncan.

  • Duncan begins to make out with Gwen*

Dakota: Hey guess who's back to normal?

Staci: My great great great great Grand father invented the-

  • B kicks Staci in the kiwis*

Staci: Kiwis.

  • Staci faints.*

Duncan: Well thats one way to shut up a chatter box.

  • Sam is running from Zeke*

Sam: Down boy!

  • Dawn calms down Zeke*

Sam: Thanks

Dakota: Sam

Sam: Dakota lets head to the shed.

Dakota: Okay.

  • Sam and Dakota walked into that shed*

Geoff: Whats up everyone?!

Eva: Heather is gonna pay for voting off!

  • Bridgete Surfs to the shore washes Eva(

Eva: I'm wet ow your gonna fry!

  • Geoff and Dj strain Eva*

Courtney: Your gonna pay Gwen!

  • Anne Maria is spraying her hair*
  • Beth is coughing from the spray*

Anne Maria: Sorry bout that nerd girl but the bright side is your lungs are water proof.

  • Jo throws Anne Maria's can at Courtney*

Anne Maria: Courtney give that back.

  • Courtney smashes the can*

Courtney: I'm sorry but I need a perfect boyfriend but we don't always get what we!

  • Courtney and Anne Maria began fightning each other*

Scott: I love a good a cat fight but why am I placed at almost the bottom?

Dawn: I don't maybe it's cause your back stabbing soul less traitor.

Justin: began running from Katie and Sadie*

Justin: You know I have pee you to wait in that cave and i'll come back for you.

Katie and Sadie: Okay

  • Katie and Saadie waited in the cave.

Duncan: You don't really have to pee don't you.

Justin: Nope.

Trent: Hey everyone.

  • Courtney sees Trent*

Courtney: You were got dumped as well huh.

Trent: Well yeah but unlike you I accept it.

Blainley: That leaves me to almost the bottom.

Alejandro: Why am I the bottem?

Heather: I'll tell you what your the lowest of the low, meanest of the mean, and the jerkest of the jerk!

  • Heather and Alejandro began making out*

Thats all tell me what you think.

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