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    I'm Back

    June 28, 2013 by BlackLightining

    Sorry if I left without warning but I left after I saw the revealed cast for All Stars. Second Now that I'm back have a goal to make sure I make very good fanfictions. Most of my time away was spent on Getting ready for the new smash bros game, watching the simpson, watching total drama world tour, reading fanfictions on, (mostly total  drama ones), playing minecraft on the xbox, and reading teen titans comics. Anyway I'm goana try to be here as often as I can on the chat bar. But I want to make good fanfictions but everytime I have an idea normally it disapears in a few minutes. So I hope I can fullfill my goals here.

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  • BlackLightining

    Hey guys BlackLightning and I have something to tell you

    A lot people were enjoying the Total Drama Rap Battles series wich was made by Cogreen2.0 and TylerBrickFan. However when TylerBrickFan was banned the whole series was cancelled I bet your're all disapointed at this. But do not fear. I'm created a series called Epic Rap Battles of Total Drama where it's Total Drama Rap Battles only with a little bit more of Epic Rap Battles of History.

    Link here:

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  • BlackLightining

    Hello Everyone sorry if it's been a while since I have been here okay anyone I've been looking at the currently confirmed cast for season 5 and thought of possible Friendships and Conflicts. There isn't a lot also from whats confirmed so far there isin't gonna be a lot of couples forming only nlike one or two though. However there'll likely be a lot of drama there. So heres what I think of Friendships and Conflicts.


    Lightning and Duncan Reason: I don't know Lightning might respect Duncan for his performance.

    Owen and Cameron Reason: I don't know why I just thought they might be friends.

    Lindsay and Dawn Reason: I don't I just think that since the theme is Heroes vs. Villians Lindsay and Dawn will be on the same team and Lindsay might …

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  • BlackLightining

    Hello Everyone Welcome to My roleply version of Truth or Hammer where cotestants from the total drama Where contestants have awnser questions or else they face their torture. They also have to sing a song like in Total Drama 477pages on
    this wiki

    Season 1, Episode 1

    First Aired (CAN) November 11th 2012
    First Aired (USA) November 11th 2012
    Challenge(s) *TBA*
    Winner(s) *TBA*
    Guest Courtney
    Episode Guide
    *TBA* next

    World Tour. (Note: The contestant that i say qulify for season 5 are contestants who'll said to be in season 5 by producers its unkwon whether that contestant qualifys for season 5 if he or she dosen't i'll fix that somehow.)

    Chris played by Blacklightning

    Courtney played by CoGreen2.0

    Chris: Welcome Everyone to Truther or Hamme…

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  • BlackLightining

    Hey you know I nocticed that some contestrant have some similarities and I'm gonna list them.


    both are hated by a lot of people They look alike they are seen carving a few things they call one of their parents a nickname


    Scott is an aintongist while Duncan is an anti hero Duncan call his mother ma while Scott call his father pappy Duncan is in a relationship while Scott isen't.


    Both are Smart but weak both have made it to the final three both had a conflict with an antongist both were the member of a winning team


    Cameron is black while Cody is white Cameron wheres glasses while Cody dosen't Unlike Cody Cameron wasen't in the final three cause of someone by some that his actrected to him but by …

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