You Regaata Be Kidding Me Prediction (may contain spoilers)

I give a very happy cheer after last week’s successful episode! For the elimination I honestly could have seen Duncan leaving our screens last week but ultimately Sierra was the one to go. No more crazy lady who gave Cameron just a little plot line.

So for this week we have the merge! Since we have the merge hopefully a double elimination shall follow!  Which means we could be saying goodbye to the new Katie(Courtney) and Sadie(Gwen) or saying goodbye to Cameron and whoever else. Just wishful thinking. I’ve got nothing against Courtney or Gwen but talking at the same time just makes me cringe. They’ll get themselves kicked out if they keep doing that.

Anybody else noticed that there are only 3 girls and 5 boys left? Sounds a bit unfair but I doubt the writers will really care. I don’t think they’d leave one girl left though so out of Zoey, Courtney and Gwen, Gwen’s to go. What’s Gwen’s plotline: becoming friends with Courtney and that has been done. She only has maybe her relationship with Duncan but I doubt that’s enough to keep her in the game. Courtney has her relationship with Scott which has to lead to something otherwise what was the point in putting all the little bits of them together in the last few episodes. And of course Zoey has her plotline with Mal/Mike.

For the boys, I still think Cameron should be leaving. He has no plotline; I mean he literally has nothing! Alejandro doesn’t really have a reason to stay in either but in the promo he is shown using his good looks to do things. Might be enough to keep him in one more episode. Duncan has his bad boy image to protect, which shouldn’t really last too long either. Mal/Mike has his whole plot line which is probably going to last till the few last episodes. Scott has the plot line with Courtney but I wouldn’t say that’s going to keep him in for long.

Now like I mentioned in my last prediction we have Mal breaking people’s things fore-shadowing. Although when you look at the elimination order it doesn’t make sense but it does for the hero’s team. The hero’s elimination went like this so far: Lindsay, Sam, and Sierra. Lindsay wasn’t around long enough to have anything of hers broken but it did start afterwards. Sam game guy broke, and then Sierra’s phone was broken, followed by Cameron’s glasses and now Duncan’s knife. It’s still a pattern of elimination. If this is true, Cameron and Duncan could be eliminated on the next episode because they’re both next in line.

My prediction for the next episode is that there will be a double elimination but it could be two girls, two boys or one boy and one girl. For two girls, it’ll be Courtney and Gwen because their friendship is highly annoying. For two boys it’ll be Cameron and Duncan. Finally for one boy and one girl, it’ll be Cameron; he’s next in line for elimination, and Gwen; she has no plotline anymore as her sole purpose was to become friends with Courtney again. The most likely elimination is Cameron and Duncan.  See ya next week for another prediction! 

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