Prediction for Suckers Punched (spoilers may be included)

After last week’s interesting episode, Alejandro finally started walking, Duncan remembered who Mal was and Heather was flushed. Bye, bye Heather but don’t forget that Alejandro will probably be flushed right behind you.

From what I can gather from the sneak peeks of the episode, looks like we’re finally getting a challenge dedicated to Phobia Factor from season 1. So the challengers will be up against their fears! Thank you to whoever wrote this episode! You better make it good! So it’ll be: Scott vs Fang, Alejandro vs his brother? Gwen vs Courtney. Sierra vs mutant, Cameron vs mutant. The only ones I don’t recall seeing are Duncan, Zoey and Mike. It’ll be interesting to see their fears. Hey maybe Zoey’s scared of Mal so she’ll have to fight him! That’ll be fun :D

Gwen vs Courtney? I doubt it. Maybe Gwen’s scared of Courtney never forgiving her but Courtney being afraid of Gwen? I really doubt it and if it’s true, Courtney has lost some of my respect. Come on girl! Turn into that psycho girl in season 2 where you whooped everyone’s butts!  

So who’s going home? A double elimination is on the cards and because Gwen is facing Courtney maybe a merge?

Plot line wise Alejandro has nothing, Cameron only has Sierra’s creepiness and Sierra only has her creepiness. Scott has a storyline because of his relationship with Courtney. Courtney also has a storyline from that and her friendship with Gwen. Gwen has that friendship plot and her relationship with Duncan. Duncan knows who Mal is and Zoey is just there for Mike. So are we saying good-bye finally to Cameron – who has been no use at all except for Sierra’s weird obsession with him being Cody – and Sierra? Or maybe Alejandro as he has no-one to ally with now that Heather’s gone? He’ll be a lonely little puppy.

Maybe Mal’s destruction of the contestant’s things will still predict the elimination process. If that’s the case the order is Sierra, Cameron then Duncan.

Overall, most likely to go is Cameron and Sierra. I won’t miss them, maybe a little bit but no not really. I hope the phobia challenge brings out some amusing sides to people. Or maybe we finally see what Mal is capable of! Here’s hoping! 

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