"Zeek and You Shall Find" Prediction: (may contain spoilers)

You have got to be kidding me. Cameron is still in the game?! He has escaped elimination twice now and if he does it for a third time, I will scream. My three predictions have had Cameron as going in the elimination and he has been eliminated twice but he was saved, both times!  I’m going to give up soon and declare him the winner of this season.  Congrats Cam you win, again! Yay...

So I’m a bit fed up that Cam hasn’t been eliminated yet, the writers seem to love to torture us by keeping Cam in. But well done to Mal for trying to get rid of him, you’re even more my favourite character now!

So Cam’s sticking around and so does the one elimination. I have no clue when the merge is coming anymore so I’m going to predict the three most likely eliminations so if a double elimination happens, hopefully the first two will be eliminated.

As most people now know from the sneak peak of episode 9, Scottney has finally arrived! Quite sweet really but in the episode trailer they’re shown looking angry at each other. Tactic or did Courtney loose the ring? Maybe they actually did have a falling out. Did anyone else see Zoey looking terrified? Alejandro even looked a bit freaked out. This is going to be a really interesting 100th episode.

Let’s look at the alliances shall we? I mean they shouldn’t be too confusing right?

First of we have Mike and Zoey. Mike's gone and I can see Mal backstabbing Zoey or using her for a while. For now Mal has an alliance with her. Zoey is in an alliance with Cam and Mal is too so they can work together. Mal is allied with Alejandro so Alejandro should be voting for the same people as Zoey and Cam because they’re all allied with Mal. Then Courtney and Scott have their alliance and Courtney is friends with Gwen so we have another alliance. That’s 4 against 3. Maybe this means Courtney, Scott or Gwen is next to being eliminated. If we look at friendships in the games, Cam and Gwen are kinda friends so they could ally up but if this happens everyone is linked in the elimination which wouldn’t work.

Overall though, who is most likely to get eliminated?

Cam - He has no plot but because the writers love to keep him in, I’m putting him as second most likely to get eliminated next episode.

Scott and Courtney – Their new relationship could pose as a threat to the others and since a double elimination is soon to come, they should both be eliminated. However, they are the only relationship that has had major development so I don’t think they’ll be eliminated just yet.

Gwen – Her purpose on the show was to become friends with Courtney again. This has happened so she is in my three to be eliminated.

Zoey – She’s staying. She has Mike/Mal.

Mike/Mal – He’s staying. There will be no plot if he goes.

Alejandro – He has no plot but could be useful to Mal in the alliance. However Mal might betray him if he doesn’t think Cam should go.

All in all Cameron is still the most likely to leave but he has not. I was going to say he is the second most likely to leave considering how the writers have yet to get rid of him but he’s number one again on the chopping block. Alejandro is second most likely to get eliminated because he is in an alliance with Mal which is risky and has no plot. The third most likely to go is Gwen because she doesn’t really have a plot and as she and Courtney doubted Mal had a bad side last episode, that might foreshadow she’s next to leave. 

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