Prediction for Moon Madness (spoilers included):

After episode fours  many foreshadows , new twists are set to come. Most of these I doubt will get revealed this episode but I'm hoping, massively, that Alejandro gets caught out and starts walking ON HIS FEET! No-ones mentioned it during the episode for 2 whole episodes, which is quite a long time. It has to come out sometime and I'd prefere it to be sooner rather than later. 

Moving on to one interesting plot line: Duncan thinking that something about Mikes voice sounds familiar. It's interesting because I have no clue what this means. Something happened in the past between them but because it was so long ago, they don't remember. This won't get revealed in Moon Madness but it definatly will eventually and might be Duncans downfall. Or Evil Mikes. 

Characters developing: Gwen and Courtney might get on better...maybe. The new relationship of Scottney. For some Heather's reaction to Scott saying Courtney is cute rings familiar, for others (including me) are loving this relationship already! What will be shocking is if Scott is just pretending so he can get Courtney's trust and then boot her out. Duncan seems to be becoming nice? O.o Looks like the heros are rubbing off on him, I just hope they don't make him as boring as some of them are. Gwen is getting more upset each episode. Move on Gwen, Courtney just ain't worth it! Heather and Alejandro's relationship might progress, doubt it. Sierra will be driven even more insane and drag Cameron down with her. Who am I forgettinng? Oh right Zoey and Mike. Well Mikes Evil personality will hopefully become more evil, I mean how many more personall belongings are there for him to break? For Zoey I really can't say considering she didn't say a single line last episode. Did the producers forget about her too? 

As for the elimination it's between Sierra and Cameron on the Heroric Hamsters team and for the Villanous Vultures: Alejandro or Heather. Fore-shadowing is Sierra's reason. Sam's game guy got broken on episode 3, episode 4 he got voted out. Sierra's phone got broken episode 4, so if it follows that pattern Sierra's out. Also she has gone a bit mad from Cody withdraw. If she continues thinking Cameron is Cody that Cameron might just be driven mad enough to vollentarily leave. Alejandro doesn't have any plots going for him apart from pretending his legs are asleep. If this doesn't get revealed in Mood Madness, he's staying. It's the same with Heather, she has no major plots so her going makes sense. 

Who do you think is going to leave? Leave a comment below! 

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