"Sundae Muddy Sundae" Prediction: (may contain spoilers)

The last episode was a real success and the elimination was predictable yet not at the same time. There were points through the episode when I thought Alejandro and Mike would both go and sometimes I thought Scott and Courtney would leave. However, it was all against Alejandro and we say goodbye. I’ll miss him, he was an interesting character.

Next week’s episode is “Sunday, Bloody Sundae.” So each of the remaining contestants – excluding Mike who technically isn’t even there because Mal is in control – have made it the final 5 at least once! You made it to the final 5 with some of the most clever – some dumb – and cunning –once again some that are not – contestants competing against you!

Anyway, the clips of episode 11 and the trailer gave us a few views on the characters. Here's how I think there changes of staying will be:

Courtney – She’s back to her old self; obsessed with winning. And who would’ve guessed that Mal would find the sheet she planned it all on! It’s clear she isn’t going to be forgiven easily but Mike has targeted her and I hope Courtney cottons on to what’s happening. She could be eliminated next as she has been targeted by Mal and she has managed to annoy the other contestants. She might not be eliminated because she might find out more about Mal and try to stop him or she’ll go into mad Courtney mode and win invincibility.

Mal/Mike – Mike’s journey to tacking back control is coming to an end soon so this episode surely will hold some development. Mal has also decided to turn everyone against Courtney and will probably manage to get her eliminated. Chances of him going are very slim.

Zoey – Last episode, Alejandro warned her that it was in the art room. Hopefully she cotton on to what he’s talking about and find the tapes exposing Mal. Or Mal finds it first. If she finds it, Mal will try to get her eliminated so who’s to say she couldn’t be eliminated next? It’s highly unlikely but who knows what the producers are thinking?

Scott – In the sneak clip he is trying to impress Courtney, then finds out she drew him as a rat and gets all huffy. Looks like Scottney might once again be coming to close. Also, what happened to bad Scott? Maybe Courtney drawing him as a rat might snap him back into reality and make him focus on winning. Scott has a fair chance of going because of the lack of plot for him but if he goes only one boy will be left in the competition. I doubt that will happen so Scott won’t get eliminated next episode, unless it’s the double elimination.

Gwen – She’s friends with Courtney again until she finds out about the list, ya di ya di ya da. Out of the five contestants she has the highest chance of leaving as there are 3 girls and only 2 boys. Unless she finds out about Mal, she hasn’t got a reason to be sticking around any longer.

There's a clip in the sneak peak that show Scott and Courtney sitting together, he looks annoyed with her and she looks confused? Anyway people think that this means they're both going but why on earth would the producers show the people who are going to be eliminated in the trailer? They've tricked people before by doing this. I remember a while ago Chris was holding up a picture of Duncan (I think) and people thought he was going. Turns out Chris was holding up the people who weren't going and then revealed the eliminated person.

For next episode I don’t think there will be a double elimination. I think they’ll leave it to the final 4 then eliminate two people so the last episode will have the final two. Most likely to be saying good-bye: Gwen. She has no plot and unless something major happens to keep her in the game, she’s going. Second most likely: Courtney. She has her plans spoiled by Mal, may find out about Mal, blah blah blah. Finally the 3rd most likely to leave: Scott. Also has no plot but he’ll have to stay as Mal will be the only boy left otherwise. 

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