I decided to make a blog about this, because at the time it seems needed. I have been seeing the talk pages lately, and I don't like a lot of what I see. People should be able to have their own opinions without getting bashed for it. Sadie is my least favorite character, but on Sadie's talk page I don't go on it and write a huge rant about Sadie, because some people really like Sadie. My favorite character is Ezekiel, strange to hear for must you may think, but that's my own opinion. I've been seeing people hating, insulting, and plain being rude to other users for liking a character, which is wrong, because every character has fans and every character has people who dislike this character. No person has the same character opinions.

And although bashing other's opinions is wrong, it is also wrong to brag about that character too. Example: "Oh, Owen won in the first season and that means that he is better than every other character and every other character sucks." --That may be someone's opinion but that is no reason to bash every other character in the series.

Even if you do not like a character, make your way of showing you dislike this character in a mature way. Example: "I've never liked Courtney much after TDA. I felt that she was annoying there, but that's just my opinion." --And that's a better way to say it.

So please, do not bash another character, however annoying or unfunny they may be, when you insult the character, you also insult the fanbase.--Bigez watchin' you at all times. Emoticon006 00:49, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

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