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There's been much conflict to whether season four is the final season, so I must tell you my input on this:

In 2012, Season Five of TD will be released and be called Total Drama All-Stars. It will have the top 12 of Total Drama Island and the top 6 of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

In 2013, Season Six, entitled Total Drama Heroes VS. Villains will be released, including nine contestants from the veterans and five of the new contestants. Chef will be fired and Jack Black will replace him.

In 2014, Season Seven, which is called Total Drama In Space, will be released and will contain seven original contestants, six new contestants, and an alien who debuts in episode seventeen. After this, the original cast will be retired and the next season will consist entirely on aliens.

In 2015, Season Eight, entitled Total Drama School, will be released and will contain the new alien contestants. You see, they don't speak English, so school is a perfect theme for them. Jack Black is digested by an alien name "Wecktok" in episode twelve, and so the season is cancelled half way through without a winner.

After a long hiatus, Season Nine will premiere in 2023, and will be called Total Drama Office. The aliens have all died by then, so this season contains 13 recurring characters (aka Josh, the old man, Leshaniqua, and that mime who scared Trent, etc.) However, half way during the season Chris develops a deep depression from the death of Chef two years prior, so he leaves in episode four to fulfill the dreams he never got to have. Blaineley takes over for the rest of the season.

After another hiatus, Season Ten will be released in 2026, and will be called Total Drama Mall. Chris returns, but seems to have aged, do to all the medication he was on. The season will consists of all animals. The Laser Squirrel ends up winning (Oops... :|)

A year later, Chris is basically tired of Total Drama, and decides to retire, so DJ's Mother takes over as host. Season Eleven will be released in 2027, and will be called "Total Drama Kitchen". It will consist entirely of females.

DJ's mother did not go over well as a host, and was fired as a result, so Ace the Donkey took over. Season Twelve is set to premiere in 2028, and will be called Total Drama Desert. It is set in the desert, and consists entirely of camels. Camel 1 and camel 4 have a huge crush on each other, but Camel 6 is jealous. You kinda have to... watch it... to get it.

Ace was also negatively received as a host, so Chris, who now goes to his therapist daily, reprises his role as host. Season Twelve will premiere in 2029, and will be called Total Drama Beach, and will only consist of characters from Stoked.

After another season of failure, Chris decides to give the original contestants another chance, even though they are all in their 30s by now. Every original contestants returns, except Cody, who was arrested when authorities checked the history on his computer. Also, Alejandro does not return, because he fell in a lake. Season Thirteen will be in 2030 and be call Total Drama In Disney, which takes place in Disney World. However, due to copyright issues, the season is cancelled after only two episodes.

After dealing will several lawsuits (especially from Courtney), Season Fourteen will air in 2036, and will be called Total Drama: Revenge of the Action, and will consist of the fifteen contestants in Total Drama Action, including fifteen new ones, who are all children of Bridgette and Geoff.

The season will be so well received that it will go on for three more seasons. In 2037, Season Fifteen entitled Total Drama Internet will be released. The entire cast from Total Drama World Tour competes in this season, except for Alejandro, who fell in a lake. The challenges base around tasks to do on the internet. However, Cody is arrested in episode three, when it is revealed he wasn't actually doing tasks.

In 2038, the Sixteenth season, Total Drama Dreams, will be released. The challenges will take place in Chris's dreams, and will consist of the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island contestants, except for Mike, who was arrested after being in an alternate personality, "Arson Arnie". Anne Maria's boyfriend, Vito, debuts in this season.

In 2039, a Seventeenth season will take place, and will be called Total Drama Say What. This season will consist only of Harold.

The show was renewed for an Eighteenth Season, called Total Drama Prison. The season includes all new contestants, who are prison convicts. Cody makes a cameo this season.

Chris then begs the producers to cancel the show, but they make a compromise; for one more season in 2041. The Nineteenth and final season will be called Total Drama Mountain. Every episode and every challenge will be trying to get up the mountain, with eighteen new contestants, which are now snowmen. However, one day it gets very humid, and the snowmen melt. The series ends with Chris laughing maniacally and rolling around in the remains on the snowmen. The episode then cuts to black, and the credits roll silently.

So 29 more years of TD to come. We'll be here FOREVER! :D--Bigez - Bigger! Badder! EZer! 16:05, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

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