Warning: The following blog may reveal subjects that were left classified at past times. These quotes are being presented as they originally were typed, because to do otherwise would be the same as to claim these prejudices never existed. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ah, the glory days of Countdown. There was nothing better than waking up every Saturday morning to the satisfaction of editing articles of my favorite TV show. It started out great. I was walking on sunshine. At least until week one was over. At least until the drama all started.

As we all know, BB and TDA15 were eliminated during week one. I felt bad, but was destined to win. It all went swell until I entered what is called the PJIRC. I warn you, these next quotes may be disturbing to see.

[17:24] <CD-TDA> IKR? I mean, eliminating someone for their haircut is a bit harsh, but TDA15's was sooo ugly. :s

And then it happened. My heart dropped, and I began to sweat uncontrollably. The comment about TDA15 struck me like a nail, and I was left helpless. I sat day after day thinking about that comment, and what was going to become of me. I sat in the cupboard, with no food or drink for days. I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened. And soon, the drama became worse.

So Ale and BarBar were the next to be eliminated, and I felt bad, but what was I to do? What I could have done would have changed my life.

[18:34] <TDIFan13> Glad Ale's gone, right? :p

[18:34] <Bigez> Hmmm? :|

The following quotes are filled with gruesome comments. I again advise you to not scroll any further.

[18:34] <TDIFan13> You mean you don't know?

[18:35] <Bigez> Know what...?

[18:35] <TDIFan13> Ale was planning to come to your house and burn you. Burn you to ashes. Why she was going to do this, I don't know. That's why Silver invested in me the power of Yushone, the god of Kentucky. I went to Ale an

[18:35] <Bigez> It got cut off at an.

[18:35] <TDIFan13> Oh, sorry.

[18:35] <Bigez> It's ight bro.

[18:36] <TDIFan13> and I sent a flaming rainbow into her soul. She just could not take the power. She fell to the floor and begged for mercy but my rainbow power vested the mighty beast. No, she wasn't eliminated. She was vested my fiery rainbows.

More and More Secrets

Soon after I wanted to learn the power of rainbow. I practice day and night but nothing happened. Day after day, night after night, nothing accomplished. I swore, punched walls, and spit at the ground known as mother nature. What was I to do? So I heard a called from Ryan. I soon ran down to him and he told me that Silverspark was in grave danger. I went down with him and saw Silver, being burned by shadow fire. Who was causing the shadowy fire you ask? It was none other than the first eliminated contestant.... TDA15. He was consumed with jealousy and rage and began sending Silver into a shadowy figure. Mikey was standing beside me, built with fear. Ryan had no fear though. He knew that his rainbow power alone would do nothing but force equal power. There was nothing to do and this point besides suicide. And that is something I thought would not happen. Ryan grabbed Mikey's hand and as he looked at Silver, he looked back at me, with one tear shed from his eye. His lasts words were, "Don't let him return," he and Mikey then jumped into the shadow fire, being destroyed and swallowed by shadows. I cried and cried that night, knowing that my motivation was gone. But I wasn't going to let it end. I had to learn to master rainbow power.

Mastering the Rainbow

A few weeks went by, with Kg, Ishni, and Mygeto being eliminated. However, Silver's fate was not elimination, due to a high fever, he had to leave Countdown. I sat beside his hospital bed, telling him it would be okay. Although, I didn't know the real power of the shadow fire. Within seconds, Silver was swallowed by shadows. I didn't let my emotions get to me, and continued training. I then realized that my friend BarBar returned, which made me glad (although, at this time I did not know he was an accountant for Shadow Inc.). A couple more weeks passed by, and it came to my knowledge that I could not compete in Countdown anymore. I tried to spend every second of everyday training. I was finally starting to get the hang of it. That is, until week eight. I saw that TDA15 returned, and my heart froze. But also odd, BarBar was eliminated. After three days of research and information, I was alerted that BarBar misplaced one of TDA15 files. This was the third time to do so, and TDA15 could not deal with BarBar failing at tasks anymore. TDA15 met with Nalyd, and compromised with him. Nalyd agreed to this, although he was uneasy. TDA15 had told Nalyd that BarBar had offered to switch with him, although this wasn't the case at all. TDA15 told BarBar to meet him at Applebees to discuss work. Little did BarBar know, Applebees had been shut down 2 months ago. As BarBar left his car, TDA15 stood there with shadow flames in his hand, BarBar tried to make a run for it, but as TDA15 uttered "You're fired," he shot a flame of shadows into BarBar. BarBar was consumed by shadows and sent into the shadow world. It was then that I knew my duty was to destroy the god of shadows, TDA15.


The following week, TheCartoon was eliminated, it was a sad loss too. Fedora's was a bit more dramatic, as Neko and Addict were both executives of the Shadow Inc., and Fedora was an editor of Rainbow Inc., Neko and Addict did not tell Fedora this, and decided to keep it a secret. Afraid of being found out, the two went along with everyone else and voted off Fedora. I guess there's always a good reason for going against your ally. And something extraordinary happened the following week. Neko and Addict felt guilty about betraying their ally and felt horrible, so they consulted TDA15 about switching sides. TDA15 was extremely reluctant to this idea, and told the two to leave his sight. But before he knew it, they sent their rainbow powers toward his and his sent shadow power back. Although he was outmatched, his power was stronger. There was no winner in that fight. Neko and Addict ran off to join the other Rainbow soldiers, and to protect the citizens from Shadow soldiers. And what was I doing all this time? I was completing my own training. With Ryan gone, I was now the master. And it was my time to defeat TDA15. It was my destiny.

The Final Ending

This was it. This is what I had to do. Me and TDA15 met in an ally next to Walmart. He was full of anger, which gave me the advantage. "Why are you here?" He said, grimacing. "I am here to defeat you, and bring peace," I told him, starting up my rainbow power. The speaking stopped with his last quote; "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get." He jumped towards my and shot shadow flames, and I did the same with rainbow. There was no advantage this time, only equal power. I sent dozens and triples of rainbow shots, as did he was shadows, but nothing was accomplished. Hours went by. We fought and fought, but it seemed as though nothing would happen. Until it happened. Finally someone made contact. TDA15 hit me in the thigh with a shadow flame, and as I cringed in pain, he stood in front of me, ready to finish me off. I held my eyes shut tight and begged for mercy. But there was nothing I could do. And as I saw shadow come at me, there was a miraculous sight. Rainbow. CD-TDA was there, fending off TDA15. Yes, that's right, CD just so happened to be the guardian of rainbow, and had protected the Rainbow land for years. She had long been arch nemesis with Shadow leader TDA15. TDA15 was filled with even more anger, and used his full power, along with CD. And as the fighting was going on, I felt a chest pain. My chest was about to burst, and I held it at my tightest. Then, I arose in the air and a rainbow shot from my body, directly hitting TDA15. He stood there and took the pain, and as I looked up, I saw that Mikey and Ryan were watching over me. It was over. TDA15 was vanquished.


With the head leader of Shadow gone, every other shadow was destroyed and life was brought with tranquility. Our god, Nalyd, thanked us for everything and flew off. I am know the god of the rainbows, and hope to lead peace to every land. And now that comment about TDA15's haircut finally made sense. Happy 5,500 edits to me. Go home please.

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