You fans voted, and now I will reveal the contestants who are least liked and fan favorites. Starting now:

Number 25: Eva

Suprised Eva is in last? I'm not. Eva is a mere background character that could easily be forgotten. Eva has possibly the least fans who can call her a fan favorite in all of Total Drama, as her only big role in the series was returning in No Pain, No Game and deserves being last on this list.

Number 24: Trent


Trent? Number 24? How could this be? Trent was definetely in my opinion a fan favorite in Total Drama Island... then Total Drama Action came. Trent all of a sudden became obsessed with 9 after what, 7 years after his grand dad's death? Not only that, Trent became obsessed with losing Gwen and tried everything to try and stop Gwen and Duncan's friendship, this is when he start acting totally insane. Thus his early elimination in Total Drama Action, where frankly, he didn't have many fans left. He continued to have lines on the aftermaths, but later became a backround character on Total Drama World Tour. Trent's insane acts make him deserve 24th place.

Number 23: Katie


Katie is definetely the most in the background at the moment. Her early elimination in season one caused her to not be in the second season and the third season, leaving her without much screentime, and fans.

Number 22: Sadie

Now, let’s go on to my least favorite character… Sadie. Sadie is possibly to most annoying, and more in the background, person on the show. Sadie did nothing of importance on the show, and deserves this low rank.

Number 21: Justin

Ah, Justin, a joke of an antagonist. Justin started out a pretty funny character with no lines at all, but then they decide “oh! Let’s turn this guy into an antagonist!” Bad idea. Justin was an okay antagonist around the first episode of TDA, but then Courtney came along and his antagonist role was forgotten, along with his role as a major character, it was back to being just a minor character, with his “I’ve lost my beauty complaints” that bugged almost every viewer. Justin’s “beauty” and weak antagonist role are his down fall.

Number 20: Blaineley

Blaineley, a very loud and minor character. Starting out as a protagonist, Blaineley was well liked. After her role on the first aftermath, boy did she lose her fans! After her dazzling Blainerific performance, Blaineley proved herself to be the new Courtney of TDWT, which tortured every viewer. Blaineley was left with her comeuppance, being left in a full body cast for the rest of the season, and she’s left in the fan’s minds as TD’s “brat”.

Number 19: Duncan

The bad boy Duncan, who the viewers voted for to win TDA, is actually left at number 19. Duncan managed to outrank every contestant on the show, but was it worth it? Apparently not. Duncan has spent way to much time on the show, and managed to beat contestants that deserved it much more than it seems, which is why Duncan the “screen hogger” is at number 19.

Number 18: Sierra

Awww, Sierra ended up 18th? Well I understand why. First off, her voice possibly irks every viewer. Second, she basically godplayed half of the season, I mean, all of a sudden you’re a “basket weaver” and your grandparents are German? Sierra has an obsession with Cody and it got way out of hand after a while, I mean, come on, marriage?

Number 17: Geoff

What ever happened to Geoff? He became a jerk in Total Drama Action, which is completely out of character, and he broke up and got back together with Bridgette like 16 times. Geoff basically went back to his cheesy protagonist self after a while, then Bridgette cheated on him and he forgave her, just like that. Geoff’s a sucker I’ll admit, and turned really lame after some time.

Number 16: Tyler

Why Tyler at number 16? How about that he has to have some talent, he can’t be bad at EVERY sport there is out there. Tyler was mostly a background character in TDI/TDA, but redeemed himself in season three, becoming a favorable contestant, and not such a minor character.

Number 15: Izzy

Next is the spontaneous Izzy! I’ll admit, her acts on the show are adorable, but why is she at 15? She was a little to crazy at times and even perhaps got on fan’s nerves. Her acts were very lame at times too.

Number 14: Ezekiel
Ezekiel Eliminated

It’s everyone’s favorite homeschool: Ezekiel! He’s personally my favorite character. He is basically one of those “cool guy wannabes” you see in all reality shows. So what happened? Ezekiel is one of the most background characters on the show and always gets eliminated first, which caused his greed to turn him into a monster, an animal like monster, which left him with very few viewers to say they that still like ole Zeke.

Number 13: Alejandro

Alejandro, the antagonist of season three. He’s generally a liked character but there’s one thing… he’s an obvious copy on Justin. In think the creators were lazy with Alejandro and decided to just make him another ladies man. Not to mention the fact that he is now a robot…

Number 12: DJ

DJ, the softest person on the show and admit it, you wanted to give this guy a hug at some point. DJ is always the one you can count on for being a soft person, but things got out of hand. I lost some respect for him when he thought he was cursed a majority of season three, even though his animal gags were pretty funny. But DJ is definitely a fan favorite.

Number 11: Beth


Number 11 is none other than our wannabe nerd, Beth! Beth didn’t start out to strong in TDI, but she managed to make it to the final two in TDA. Although she is a very well liked character, her role now is not very well. She almost won in season two and then all of a sudden she becomes a minor character again, just like Justin. Why make another character a main character, only for them to become minor again? And another thing, the one time Brady joke wasn’t very enjoyable.

Number 10: Leshawna

It’s the bootylicious Leshawna! She might not have thrilled us much, but boy was her… “tude” funny. She proved herself to be a worthy competitior by argueing her way into the final five, and I have to give Leshawna praise for her ways of thinking.

Number 9: Bridgette
Stuck to a Pole 08

The surfer chick Bridgette worked hard in TDI, and certainly made a lot of friends, and proved herself to be a favorable character. Although her relationship with Geoff was “uber” annoying, her courteous (and clumsy) acts made her receive place 9.

Number 8: Owen

Awesome! The big buddy Owen is number 8. Yes, his fart jokes got extremely old and some people think he did not deserve the million dollars but his friendliness was truly enjoyable for anyone and by TDWT, he kind of fit in elimination wise, he didn’t get voted off to soon or make it too far. And to top it off, how can you not like the Noah and Owen friendship?

Number 7: Harold

Harold may be the biggest geek on the show, but he is a true favorable character. Come on now, you had to have laughed at Harold once on the show! Harold’s hilarious choice of words and acts of… nerdliness? Place him with much praise in the top 10.

Number 6: Gwen

The goth Gwen caused two break ups on the show but still remains in the top 10. Gwen might not have been the most enthusiastic character, but she knows about the real world, that not everything goes your way, but Gwen has had her happy moments and made us laugh too. Gwen deserves her 6th place.

Number 5: Lindsay

Being as dimwitted as she is, Lindsay may just be the funniest character on the show. After wowing us from the first episode, Lindsay has always been a comic relief when you needed one, which is why she receives 5th place.

Number 4: Cody

Number 4 is the Codemister! Cody is one of my favorite characters as he is with most fans. Cody has worked his way up to victory in Total Drama World Tour which no one thought he would achieve as far as 3rd place. Cody is hilarious especially around Sierra, and might I just say, he has an epic singing voice. Cody deserves 4th place as a true fan favorite.

Number 3: Heather

The Queen of Mean, Heather! How did you get 3rd place you ask? Heather made the show interesting. I might not have even got in to the show if it wasn’t for Heather. Heather definitely put the drama in Total Drama and deserved to win Total Drama World Tour.

Number 2: Courtney

I am still shocked about this. Courtney as the number two most liked contestant? Shocking! But I can see where it’s coming from. Courtney is hilarious. She managed to keep us interested in season one, especially with her mentioning her C.I.T. role. Although I am not a supporter of Duncan and Courtney, he really made her interesting in TDA, as she went insane! I did not approve of Courtney’s antagonist role, but she did keep the show very interesting. And don’t even get me started on TDWT, she was purely epic. She was not as evil as season two, but was still the hilarious “brat” she always is, which always kept viewers interested in her, and that is why she deserves 2nd place.

Number 1… NOAH!
Newfoundland noah first confessional

The most favorable character of all time is……. Noah!!! Noah, the know-it-all is the most liked TD contestant. He is basically the definition of sarcastic, as that is what makes him funny. Noah kept us laughing the entire series, not to mention his epic line “Come fly with us! Come die with us!” one of the most memorable quotes in Total Drama World Tour. Although Noah did not talk much in Total Drama Action, he still kept us laughing with his memorable quotes in both TDI and TDA. Noah’s friendships with Owen and Izzy are both interesting to watch, including his “bromance” with Cody; did you know he has a tiny sausage? – Noah (Slap, Slap, Revolution). Noah has always made a reason to rewatch the episodes he is in and 100% deserves 1st place.