This isn't your typical story. This is a story about a complex creature. This is a story about a man. A man who had all the life in him and soon became consumed with madness. Who is this man? Is he someone you could easily find in your town? Is it someone made up? Is it someone who you can relate to? All I can tell you is that this man, simply known as Bigez, would have a bigger impact on life than anyone could have guessed. Don't believe me? This is his story.

The Early Days

Eric, however, born under the biblical name Bigez Sixtwenty, was born on February 13, 2009. That very day started his job as a Wikian. As he began his journey in the world, he was shy, happy, but ignorant. He made choices that he would learn were wrong, but he still meant well. Bigez was just a humble soul that only tried to please others... and that followed his first visit to one of the local hangouts, otherwise known as the "IRC". Why was it called that? I will never know. All I know was that that first visit changed my life forever.

The Sentence

As a required member of Wikia, he was sent to jury duty for a man named Zak. He was charged under several predicted conspiracies. Sixtwenty did not know much about Zak in general, and unknowingly joined the fellow other Wikians. As it seemed, Zak was guilty for his charges. But, something rather odd happened when Bigez was sentenced. It seemed like he felt an utter... sick feeling as he declared Zak guilty. As Zak was arrested for his charges, he looked at Sixtwenty with lifeless, bloodshot eyes. Bigez clenched his stomach. It seemed like the life was taken out of him. That night, he lay on his bed, feeling almost soulless. He knew that this was only the beginning of his Wiki journey, and more was to come.

The Roleplay

As a part of the Wiki, there were many activities sponsored. At first, Bigez was reluctant to join, but he felt that joining an activity would have been a great chance for him to meet new friends, and it sure was. Yes, many others began to like Bigez for his kindness, his great sense of humor, and his hard work on the wiki. Yes, yes, Bigez was well liked by all. The led to his promotion from a worker to a rollback, and boy, Bigez was thrilled. Becoming more social by competing in activities and hanging out at the IRC really helped him. Yes, this were the glory days for Bigez. But little did he know, things would get complicated.

(The) Countdown

As months past, Bigez continue showing his best to other workers and did a fine job as a rollback. And soon, Bigez was accepted into an activity known as "Countdown". Bigez was thrilled to be in a new activity. But little did Bigez know, this is where his wiki life would become complicated. During his time, Sixtwenty realized he wouldn't be able to complete the competition on his own, so he teamed up with a female known as CDTDA, a shortened version of her full name, Casey Donna Teresa Dianne Abbot. The two worked well as a team, but Bigez became twisted. Another worker, Ryan, also asked to be an ally of Bigez. Sixtwenty, feeling guilty, accepted Ryan's offer. As you may have already guessed, this caused problems. Ryan tried to get CDTDA eliminated, but needed Bigez's help. Bigez, not wanting his other ally to be eliminated from the activity, told Casey what Ryan told him. Ryan, however, found out and told off Bigez. Before Bigez knew it, he was left without an ally. Pain ate away at Bigez. He began hallucinating. He saw everyone else as himself, and they were all being kind and sincere to him. Sixtwenty tried to wave the visions away, but they would not leave him alone. Bigez began to get heated and began punching the facsimiles. Bigez then awoke, and realized it was all a dream. But Bigez would soon learn that maybe these dreams would become more real than he ever thought.

The Promotion

Bigez began to forget about the Countdown incident and continued on his work. Like before, he received much praise. He also won back the friendship of both Ryan and Abbot. This soon led from Bigez's promotion from rollback to adminship. Bigez couldn't be happier. This very promotion gave him large amounts of power, and he was very glad. But one thing passed by Bigez's mind; would he be able to control this power?

The Descent Into Madness

Bigez tried his best to be a good admin. His job was tough, he had to fire people, increase his work hours, and participate in many events. It was nothing he could not handle, however. It was what followed afterwards. On day in the IRC, many workers came to Bigez with complaints. The Lake was vandalized, someone needs to be banned from the Wiki company, and work needed to be done. Bigez tried to do this all, but he just could not handle the pressure. Bigez began to sweat uncontrollably as the workers continued saying the same things over and over again. Bigez turned to shout at them, and realized that every worker was a copy of himself. Bigez became silent, as a giant figure arose from the ground. It was also a copy of himself, only larger. "Who are you?!", Bigez asked. "I am Guaxfeou, and I am the admin version of yourself," Guaxfeou responded, "you think you're so big you because you gained a position? You will never amount to your powers unless you follow my orders. Now, I want you to ban all those users who pestered you." "But they didn't do anything wrong!", Bigez shouted. "You think I care about those bumbling morons?", Guaxfeou snapped back, "if you're ever going to do your job right, you're going to listen to me. I brought you into this world, and at anytime I can take you out." Those words left a permit mark in Bigez's mind.

The Power

Bigez began to take Guaxfeou's orders. He banned more people and had a more bitter, darker attitude. Workers began to notice this, especially from Buhrandon, a fellow friend of Bigez. The two argued one day, but Guaxfeou made it clear that Bigez was not allowed to tell anyone of his existance, or he would suffer eternal pain. "Don't you remember the good times we've had? You've changed," Buhrandon stated. Bigez became firm, "I haven't changed, this wiki has changed!". Buhrandon also became stern, "maybe to you, but not to everyone else. Why don't you just go fall in a ditch?". As Buhrandon walked away, Guaxfeou appeared in Bigez's thoughts. "Smite him!", Guaxfeou shouted. "No, I won't Guaxfeou, I can't!", Bigez shouted back. "Then I'll just have to do it for you," Guaxfeou said. Bigez began to move without his control. Buhrandon turned around, right as Bigez tossed a brick, hitting Buhrandon in the head. Buhrandon, dazed, looked hopelessly towards Bigez. "Bigez, what have you become?" Buhrandon questioned, with blood running down the corner of his head. Bigez, teary-eyed, ran off. From that day on, Bigez hadn't seen Buhrandon again. They say going your separate ways is essential, but not like this. Terry Daniel Frederickson also noticed his changed. One day when Bigez was walking home from work, Terry jumped him. Bruised and beaten, Bigez asked Terry what he was doing. "I want to know what is going on, now," Terry stated. But before Bigez could respond, Guaxfeou, in the form of a red cloud, entered TDF. "Who... who are you?!" Terry panicked. "I'm the worst thing that's ever happened to you," Guaxfeou replied, exiting Terry's body. Terry became silent after that day. He went to the IRC, but didn't speak a word. Even when playing games, Terry would seem remotely silent. This traumatized Bigez. Guaxfeou was driving Bigez insane. That night, Bigez laid silent in bed, and finally said, "when are you going to leave me alone?" Guaxfeou then began to speak through Bigez's mouth, "... Never."

The Aftermath

Bigez's life as a Wikian had been damaged by Guaxfeou. People were hardly talking to him, Bigez began to cut down on his work, and he even stopped making clever blog posts online. The only thing restoring Bigez's sanity was his marriage with Neko Bronwyn Naito. They had several affairs with each other, but this could not cheer Sixtwenty up. Bigez became so insane that he began talking to his own excrement, thinking that it would save him from Guaxfeou. Yes, it seems like there is no hope for Bigez. This is the beginning of the end. Thank you all for reading. Maybe somebody will restore sanity to this poor, lost soul.

The Sequel

Stay tuned to find out what happens to Bigez, in the next epic story "Bigez's Destiny" or the alternate title "Guaxfeou's Moxy".

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