Alright, so the past few days have not been the greatest in Total Drama Wiki's history. Three users either quit, gave up their power, or lost their power all together. It was a huge loss in the wiki's history, but on the brighter side, two admins were welcomed back. The source of the three losses earlier are partially connected to arguing or somewhat fighting, so I feel as if I need to talk about this in my blog. It is sort of similar to WM's so no one go "Oooooooh, Bigez copied WM!!!".

These past few months haven't been great for the wiki's reputation. Fighting, arguing, or even just plain insulting have been linked to some of the many losses of our loyal users. So please, listen to this idea: There was a time back in September of 2009, where we got through three months without fighting. Three entire months, I don't even think there was fighting after that, but dealing with vandals was different. But I would like a new approach on things. I would like to have settled differences among enemies, no matter how large the conflict is. Any conflict can be amended, I know it sounds false, but it is very much true. No matter how much you hate someone, the conflict can be fixed. I am not saying you have to be best friends with the person, but atleast neutralized, because many users have been fed up with fighting. This is only a proposal, but I feel as if this could help our community be friendly towards every user like it was in the past.

I'm hoping this will work, and the drama will be finished, not to assure that there wouldn't be any in the future, but atleast for now, I hope this goes over well.--Bigez watchin' you at all times. 19:31, March 28, 2011 (UTC)

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