Parody of: Save This Show

BB is back in BBKT's second duo!



My toe you need to shave.
My toe, don't you cut it.

My toeeeeee....
I love it....

Totally, be so gently.
Totally, this hurts me.

So badly.
I feel like sh**.

You've got to help me, need a band-aid.
It feels on fire, and cuts we're made.

So, make a difference, for my tooooooooooooooooeeeeeeee.
Too much hair, this really bloooooooooooows.

Shave my toe, really hairy.
Shave my toe, and shave it daily.

Shave the toe that needs cream.
Shave my toe, really hairy.

Shave my toe, or I'll get Numbuh.
Shave the toe that you love with a very clean raaaaaaaaaazorrrrrrr.
Shave the toe, baby, I'll give you some time.

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