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Max thumb

This episode seems to be the This Is How We Will End It of TD episodes. Everyone seems to praise it and give it critical acclaim, but honestly, I just don't care much for it. Since I know a lot of people seem to like this episode, I'll point out my problems with it being as constructive as possible.

So the beginning is pretty funny but we kinda did the same thing last episode

Chef's standby screen was funny

Hello Miles Smith

Why did Chris stay in the same position in the recap as he did in the beginning of the episode? How is that comfortable??

"You've got ten seconds to tell us what's happening!" JESUS

The Christmas trees were humorous

How does Chris even get the budget for this and when would he ever need Christmas trees


Well Scarlett's confessional was... interesting

Sugar is my spirit animal

Okay main problem number one: Chris is kind of a giant pr**k this episode. I mean, yeah, we all know Chris is a jerk, but I think it's especially unlikable when he doesn't care for the lives of the contestants. Masters of Disasters made it clear that, even though it seemed like Chris only cared about his contract, that he cared for the contestants' safety. Now, he doesn't even bat an eye. It's not even a matter of him being a jerk, either. How do the contestants dying benefit him in anyway? It puts him out of a job, which we've already gone through before, like I said, in Masters of Disasters. This has all been explained before, so there's really nothing Chris could gain from this.

Sugar and Sky is sexy


God I'm so done with toilet jokes this season

Max getting hit with a rock was solid slapstick

Why is there a banana on that iPad why not like a watermelon or a guava


Jasmine and Shawn dodging lasers was stupid

And that kiss was kinda forced

Jasmine risked getting her arm chopped off for a HAT? You can buy another one, chica.

When has a kitten EVER BEEN SEEN on the island

Sugar burping up a bird was beautiful

I like how they play Lindsay's music over Sugar as if she were a nice person


Okay things start getting WACKY here

"Let's try 1, 2, 3... again..." Definitely the hardest laugh all episode

Okay this is where things get RIDICULOUS

So Scarlett takes off her glasses off as to insist that she's more evil with bad eyesight

"I am EVIIIIIIIIIIL." I'm not gonna analyze my problem with Scarlett till the end but I'm just going to throw out there that saying that you're evil actually makes you seem less evil. In a sense, I am insisting that Scarlett's transformation is much similar to Mal.

Did Max really go into the confessional just to suck his thumb

"So, you've almost won! All you gotta do is shut it down."

Chris do you want them to die or not you're really not making it clear what you want in life

Alright Scarlett settle down


Chris robots are alarming

Okay a minor problem with this episode, this has been like, the fourth time Shawn has thought there were zombies and defeated them. Which raises the question... WHY IS HE STILL AFRAID OF ZOMBIES? If they were planning on doing something like this, why not save it for his final episode instead of retreading the same plot over and over again?

The idea of the promo bots was actually pretty cool not gonna lie. It's rare that we get info about how the audition process really works


It's not even your million Chris you could literally sell everything on the island and make like six trillion dollars

And the "YOU SIGNED RELEASE FORMS" doesn't count when you are literally letting people DECEASE

And Scarlett is defeated


How did breaking that computer break Chris's computer idk

Okay, main problems number two of the episode: Scarlett. Her role as an antagonist was incredibly overshadowed. If we stuck with the brainiac mastermind side of her, this episode might've been more credible. But not until literally 12 minutes in do we see a side of Scarlett that we've never seen before. I mean, yeah, it's obviously been hinted that she's a bit demented, but why did she have to turn into a full hammy villain? The character was fine as an antagonist on her own. And if she's really to be considered to be the main antagonist of the season... then she's kind of... nearly.......

as bad as Mal.

Let me clarify that Mal is an awful character, whereas Scarlett, up until now, has been a solid one. But what has Scarlett done as an antagonist? I mean, yeah, she threatened to blow up the island, but Mal threatened to do several unsuccessful things as well. But Scarlett really only tried once. And what's her strategy? We really don't know much about her at all as an antagonist. If anything, Sugar's more of an antagonist than her. Sugar AT LEAST got someone eliminated and tried to turn people against each other. Scarlett tried to turn people against Max, but again, it didn't work out successfully. The idea of Scarlett having full control of the island and taking up her role of the main antagonist is promising idea, but not the way it's displayed here. And again, her being full of herself as a villain isn't menacing. It's more of a "do, don't say" kind of thing, and it's the same reason we never found Max threatening. Yeah, this might work in a different show, but it's Total Drama. This isn't the kind of thing I want to see from it. Moving on.

Throwing the marshmallows at Scarlett was hilarious


Oh so I guess Max is gone too

Yeah, this episode was a dud. It definitely had its moments. But it was full of wasted potential. If they really wanted the whole psycho Scarlett thing to work, they should've at least built it up some more. And I'm really not a fan of when TD takes on sci-fi plots like this. I'm fine with the show being unrealistic, because it is a cartoon, but I think it needs to have its limits, or it ends up being ridiculously over the top. And it's a bit upsetting that they got rid of Scarlett at sixth place. Scarlett had a lot of potential, while it seems that Shawn, Jasmine, Sky, and Sugar are kinda used up. Now, that's not to say that this is one of the worst episodes ever, I just thought it was a bit of a mess. It definitely doesn't ruin Pahkitew for me, like Moon Madness or Treasure Island did for AS and RI. But ultimately, an episode that could've worked really well ended up in a misfire.


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