Parody of: Paris

Note: This song has materials from Jersey Shore. I you don't feel comfortable reading this song, I suggest you choose another.

     Bigez620 (Several Jersey Shore Characters)

Snooki: I love Jersey in the springtime!
Then, Miami in the fall!
Emilio: That's great, Nicole babe! Go ahead!
Snooki: It's a great time for love in the summa!
But now, it's time for Karma!
My boy screwed things up and f****d my life and made it worse and then, cheated bad and lied to me on the phone and made me sad, and then, joked!
Yo, my peeps! Don't ever trust a juice head!
Yo, my peeps! He wouldn't sleep in my bed!
Yo, my peeps! They will-!
Screw things up and f*** your life and make it worse and then, cheat you bad and lie to you on the phone and make you sad, and then, joke!
Emilio: Snooks! I was joking!
Pauly D: Yo, my bro! I think it's time for GTL!
Mike "The Situation": Um, yeah, my bro, I don't want to hear them yell.
Snooki: Yo, my peeps! He was totes the sweetest kid!
J Woww: Dude, stop dialing her!
Emilio: Oh shut up!
Snooki: And he's a piece of s**t!
If you fall in love with a boy back at home, and then have a party in Miami, and have a few gin and tonics, and then cheat on him with a boy Vinny, and try to make up for it since you we're tipsy, he will still-
Yo, cheat on his girlfriend!
Yo, be a big jerk off!
And, the boyfriend doesn't even fist pump!
Angelina: Can't we all just go out to the club? Come on guidos!

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