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Pass me the sugar

Pass me the Sugar

Hurl and Go Seek more like Hurl and Go ZEEK

The lack of pajamas this season is upsetting

TD is so awkward with shadows

Sky's butt is nice

TD is looking more and more like Grojband and I don't know if I like that

Sugar is love, Sugar is life

Eating challenges bore me


Actually Jasmine is so much more fitting than Christ. Why can't Jesus's last name be Jasmine?

I like the confessional at night

Sugar singing that song was surreal and amusing but why didn't she just do it earlier when she mentioned it? Did Terry McGurrin just have an extra joke to throw in last minute?

Dave is literally becoming psychotic

Dave and Sky when did you wipe your mouths they were dirty as hell a minute ago

TD can't say sexy anymore it's too edgy

Remember Sugar's show she mentioned earlier "That's Nothing"? Dave should participate

Okay Dave is becoming borderline alarming like yeah I fall in love with chicks who think I'm as insignificant as gum off side the road but I don't like FORCE THEM TO BE WITH ME DAVE IS TERRIFYING

Sugar should eat Dave

The couple name for Jasmine and Shawn is JAWN (does anyone know what this means or is it just a Philly thing)

Sky's sassiness is making me like her more

"Well I don't need you either! I'm a lone wolf!"


I thought that wonky was a racial term for white people for a sec

This is like the twelfth time in two episodes that they played that nice piano music

I swear to God that sped up voice on the phone was played on an episode of SpongeBob I just don't know which one


"I don't care for your tone."

THIS ISLAND IS WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave lay off those birds were having an intimate moment

Yo Scarlett's hair must be long as ish I mean look at that big ass bun she's rockin'

How come half of the contestants are green and half are gray that's only about 25 shades of gray

Chris stop chiming in every two seconds we know what's going on you don't have to talk down to us

"EVIL VOMITS" I love Max right now

Then the episode just kinda turns slow and awkward from hereon in

Shawn not being able to hold Jasmine was appropriate

Why is everyone so gosh darn good at climbing trees

Oh so Dave's gone just like that well that's one way to get rid of a main character. I mean, I'm not a big fan of Dave, but they kinda just got rid of him in the course of a second

Well, what's Sky sposed to do now?

The ending was hilarious, but overall, this episode was kinda ehhhh. The beginning challenge was a bit of a waste of time, Dave was kinda treated as a joke the whole episode, and the challenge just kinda dragged on a bit though. Props go to Sugar and this WEIRD ASS ISLAND for keeping me entertained. The next episode is either gonna be really funny or really, really awful.


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