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    June 25, 2015 by Bigez620

    Hey everyone! As my summer becomes increasingly busier and I have a busy school year ahead of me, and since I've pretty much lost all interest in TD and don't plan on watching RR, I've decided to officially announce my immediate departure from the wiki. It's been a great time here, and I'd like to thank each and every one of you for this awesome experience. This was an awesome community to be apart of.

    Hope all is well in the future, and don't forget to hate Zoey. Bigez, out.

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  • Bigez620


    What is up with TD and people randomly using giant wooden clubs

    Aw I miss Shasmine. Not JaShawn because that literally sounds like Leshawna's hood rat cousin

    Alex Ganetakos returns to write his first episode in forever

    I hate how Sugar's running but only her feet are moving that's unnatural

    They need to chill with Lindsay's theme music Sugar is psychotic

    This challenge sounds like a Roleplay challenge I LIKE IT

    What's up with that chick intern's stomach? Is her shirt just too big?

    I really like Sky's sneakers I don't think I've ever told you guys

    Sugar's charm is wearing on me

    Shawn's challenge is creative and a productive way to spend your summer

    I know Sky isn't really supposed to be the new Zoey, and she isn't, but that voice mislead…

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  • Bigez620


    It's called Sky Fall because Sky fell THAT'S STUPID

    So they all share the treehouse now must be awkward when Jasmine and Shawn bump uglies

    Sugar eats a cabbage

    Didn't Sugar and Sky already form an alliance?

    Picnics are fun I wish I could go on one with bae

    Chris is humorous so far

    This final four bores me

    Why do they keep mentioning Beardo and Leonard there have been other characters this season. And I'm going to implode if the other contestants aren't in the finale

    Sugar is plump

    Is that goat real or what

    Okay guess we got a nice cutaway

    OKAY ANOTHER ONE did the writers of Family Guy join the staff

    Courtney's violin tune makes a return

    I like Shasmine they remind me of TDI Geoff and Bridgette

    Sky where did you get ROPE

    Yo I literal…

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  • Bigez620

    This episode seems to be the This Is How We Will End It of TD episodes. Everyone seems to praise it and give it critical acclaim, but honestly, I just don't care much for it. Since I know a lot of people seem to like this episode, I'll point out my problems with it being as constructive as possible.

    So the beginning is pretty funny but we kinda did the same thing last episode

    Chef's standby screen was funny

    Hello Miles Smith

    Why did Chris stay in the same position in the recap as he did in the beginning of the episode? How is that comfortable??

    "You've got ten seconds to tell us what's happening!" JESUS

    The Christmas trees were humorous

    How does Chris even get the budget for this and when would he ever need Christmas trees



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  • Bigez620

    Pass me the Sugar

    Hurl and Go Seek more like Hurl and Go ZEEK

    The lack of pajamas this season is upsetting

    TD is so awkward with shadows

    Sky's butt is nice

    TD is looking more and more like Grojband and I don't know if I like that

    Sugar is love, Sugar is life

    Eating challenges bore me


    Actually Jasmine is so much more fitting than Christ. Why can't Jesus's last name be Jasmine?

    I like the confessional at night

    Sugar singing that song was surreal and amusing but why didn't she just do it earlier when she mentioned it? Did Terry McGurrin just have an extra joke to throw in last minute?

    Dave is literally becoming psychotic

    Dave and Sky when did you wipe your mouths they were dirty as hell a minute ago

    TD can't say sexy anymore it's too edgy


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