Well for me I'm like Duncan, Izzy, Gwen, and Sierra. I'm like Duncan because I can get angered easily, I had a dog that ran away, I have blue eyes, and I love pranking people. I'm like Gwen because I'm sometimes quiet, I love making art, and I had a similar moment that she had. It was like when Gwen saw Trent and Heather kiss. Something just like that happened to me. Ok, I'm like Izzy because I'm weird and crazy! I'm like Sierra because I am an uber fan of Total Drama! I would react the way she did when she saw Cody if I got to see Duncan. Only I wouldn't tell him I fantasized him without a shirt on. That's not me. I would just be like Duncan you're awesome! I'm your biggest fan! So comment and tell me who you're like!

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