Ok, I have so many thoughts about what is going to happen in Total Drama World Tour! First I'll start with relationships. The top 3 relationships in this season are, in my opinion, Duncan and Courtney, Tyler and Lindsay, and Cody and Sierra. Duncan and Courtney will be a big deal because Gwen might also like Duncan. Both Courtney and Gwen will fight over him a lot. Tyler and Lindsay will be a big deal because their relationship is similar to Duncan and Courtney's. Duncan is dating Courtney, but Gwen likes Duncan. Tyler is dating Lindsay, but Alejandro flirts with Lindsay and she might like him more than Tyler. I'm pretty sure Tyler will try to get Lindsay back through most of the season. Then there is Cody and Sierra. We all know Sierra likes Cody. She is really obsessed with him and she always hugs him. But we don't know how Cody feels. In the first episode we could tell he's creeped out by her. I believe he will realize she really likes him and he may fall for her. I mean Gwen isn't gonna date him even if he's the last guy on Earth! Now onto eliminations. I already know the top 5 people. They r Duncan, Ezekiel, Harold, Bridgette, and Leshawna. I think Duncan will return later in the season. He's a fan favorite and lots of people might stop watching because of him quitting. I have a strong feeling he might return. U all saw that one picture of him, Alejandro, and Owen in the disco outfits right? Well I don't think disco is part of episode 1 or 2 because that's Egyptian themed. I'm interested to see what happens in season 3. I bet it will be full of more drama than the last 2! :)

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