This is a question I've been getting a lot lately, so I figured it's only right to justify exactly why I have such contempt for this pairing.  Since it's been about a year since my controversial blog on Zoey, I wanted to make a sequel of sorts.  I like having my own opinions and I like hearing everyone else's, as long as they're not personal attacks.  That being said make sure to keep an open mind when reading this blog and feel free to voice your opinions on Gidgette below, but please don't attack me for having different opinions, that's just not cool.  Without further ado, I present my thoughts on one of the most highly rated couples on the show in "Why I Think Gidgette Is Utterly Awful."

I think it's important to note that I've had a reputation amongst the TD fandom as Bridgette's biggest fan for a few years, and I'd also like to say that while I'm not too fond of Geoff, he's far from my least favorite character.  So why don't I like these two together?  Let's start off on the right foot with TDI, where the show and it's characters were just beginning to blossom.  Back when I first watched the show the only character I really cared about was Trent, so it's probably appropriate to start with things I immediately noticed upon rewatch.  

The Campers

The original season, which contained the best plots but the arguably worst canonical winner.

Nothing very major happened in the first few episodes between these two, sure they both got fairly solid focus but we were still for the most part being introduced to these characters. Throughout most of the pre-merge Geoff spends his time trying to get Bridgette's attention by showing his love for her time and time again, and, luckily for him, she likes him back, so it doesn't take long for them to start forming a really strong bond.  So what's wrong with this?  Actually, nothing.  Sure Geoff accidentally insults her a few times but it's shown that he clearly doesn't mean it and frankly their first few interactions are kind of adorable.  It isn't really until the Hide and Be Sneaky when things get seriously messed up.

Yes, it's episode 17 of Total Drama Island, and Bridgette has been pulling off a substantial winner or at least end gamer edit.  She had major focus in Brunch of Disgustingness, a fairly important conflict with Eva in No Pain, No Game and, while she was fairly invisible in Search and Do Not Destroy (another one of my least favorite episodes this season) she is still very plot-relevant and has been shown to be the most complex and relatable character still left in the game.  And what do the writers choose to do with the most interesting character left in the game?  Eliminate her in place of the two worst characters left in the game. (But I'll get to my opinions on Duncan and Owen in another blog.)  For now, let's back up and see what exactly makes this episode so terrible-and more important, how it affects the viewer's perception of Gidgette.


Three cheers for being sexist!

Trent has just been voted out of the game.  I'll leave it at that so as not to ramble.  Duncan, one of the people who had a hand in pushing for his elimination, suddenly gets the idea that the girls are all in an alliance together simply because there's more of them.  Or...something.  It's left very open-ended whether this was a legitemate concern or if Duncan just hates girls.  He gathers his cronies and tells them his plan to pagong the girls because they're girls.  DJ agrees because he probably doesn't care, Owen agrees because he's dumb, and Geoff agrees because Duncan told him too.  Sure Geoff is reluctant, but because of the peer pressure and mob mentality that this season so heavily relies on, he complies.  

After Bridgette has been sprayed by skunks for no reason and the challenge is over, the meninists gather on the dock again to discuss their voting plans.  Knowing Bridgette is his buddy's girlfriend and that she actually sided with Duncan's pre-merge alliance, Duncan decides to target Bridgette.  The next few lines go like this:

Geoff: Shouldn't we vote for Heather?

Duncan: No she's immune.

Geoff: Oh okay.  

And thus Bridgette is voted out 4-3-3, the guys voting for Bridgette and the girls splitting their votes between Owen and Duncan.  Geoff tells the guys he didn't vote for her and therefore he is tied upside-down to a tree.  Okay....what?  And furthermore, it's pretty clear that he did.  Bridgette walks the dock of shame and Geoff lies to her to make himself feel better.  They almost kiss, but the aforementioned skunk spray prevents this and Geoff runs away and yells "Bye!"  with no further input.  You'd think he could at least tell her why he recoiled, but this doesn't happen.  Bridgette leaves the island, and this is pretty much the last time we'll see her as a relevant character.  


I really despise this episode.

So Geoff just voted off his girlfriend with very little incentive,  No, it wasn't his idea, but he went along with it just because one of his buddies told him to.  Right off the bat there's a clear lack of loyalty and trust in this relationship, and we're just getting started.  In the next episode Geoff is crying and moaning about voting off his girlfriend.  It's clear that he voted off his girlfriend because he asks for her forgiveness.  It's clear that his attitude about his girlfriend is very fake because he stops caring as soon as he smells bacon.  And it's also clear that he doesn't care that the guys voted her off since he's still buddy buddy with them right after this.  Isn't he wonderful?  

Geoff solidly does nothing of importance after this leading up to his boot episode where he spends his whole time flirting with Gwen even though they're both in a relationship (though I will recognize the fact that the status of Gwen and Trent's relationship was left up in the air, but still, isn't he supposed to be with Bridgette?)  Oh, and Duncan is one of the key factors in voting him off.  Betraying your girlfriend really paid off, didn't it Geoff?  

Both Geoff and Bridgette return in Haute Camp-ture and the special where they spend their whole time making out...and that's basically what they're reduced to for the rest of their time on the show.  Of course, Geoff got a long run on the spinoff season but Bridgette was left as "Geoff's girlfriend".  They return in Total Drama Action, where, once again, they start off making out.  And that's where things get really interesting.  


Geoff: No girlfriend of mine is going to be a strong, independent woman!

See, early on in Monster Cash (or the alien one, it doesn't really matter), Bridgette gives a confessional on how she wants to focus less on Geoff and more on winning the money.  Guess who gives her a visit in the confessional after this?  Why, it's none other than golden boy Geoff trying to distract her from being independent once again!  And every time Bridgette shows any signs of breaking free, Geoff tracks her down and they lock lips again.  Understandably this annoys everyone else and they become the first people kicked off.  

Luckily for Bridgette and Geoff, they now have an aftermath show.  I guess I should be thankful that Bridgette gets this extra screentime, but it's only purpose is to shove Gidgette down our throats to the point of extreme suffering if it's one of your NOTPS.  Every aftermath this season consists of Geoff trying to hurt his "friends" or making Bridgette feel terrible about herself.  "Hey, isn't Heather hot?  She's hotter than you!"  And he does this over and over again for four episodes.  It's the same thing every time- Geoff has a dangerous game, Geoff belittles Bridgette, she SOMEHOW forgives him and they make out. The good news is that Bridgette is getting consistently more and more annoyed with Geoff's behavior, so there's hope she'll finally dump him like the misogynist trash he is.  She tells him off, Leshawna tells him off, some of the other guys are much nicer to her and Geoff either doesn't notice or doesn't care-he's having a good time, so it doesn't matter how Bridgette feels.


Bruno agrees-it's unBEARable.

In the third aftermath, Bridgette is fed up with Geoff's behavior-and frankly, who wouldn't be, given what he's done to her and her friends?  Finally, they rightfully decide to turn one of Geoff's twisted games against him and he's forced to play "Tell the Truth or You Get Fatally Electrocuted".  Bridgette asks him why's he been acting this way and-what's his excuse?  Oh, he wanted to be popular.  That's okay then.  Everyone is supposed to be sympathetic for Geoff because he bullied people for fame.  But gee, he didn't really mean it.  No way.  This is not a viable excuse for literally threatening peoples' lives in twisted games and constantly mocking his girlfriend.  However, the season uses this excuse to wrap up their plot for the season and Bridgette and Geoff become irrelevant until Total Drama World Tour.

Only Bridgette gets to play this season.  It's ideal and amazing, right?  Well it would be, except for the fact that she's invisible for three episodes and then booted very early on in the season.  It's the fourth episode of Total Drama World Tour, and today the contestants will be racing sleds in the Yukon.  With no man to protect her, Bridgette looks weak and fragile in the eyes of womanizing newcomer Alejandro, and thusly he flirts with her and leaves her tongue stuck to a pole.  She's eliminated for the sake of DJ's torture plot and the "hilarious" curse of Team Victory, where she falls off a plane still stuck to the pole which blocks her parachute from opening.  

There's really not much left to go over on this season.  Bridgette returns to the aftermaths and Geoff is super angry because he betrayed her by finding someone else attractive!  Wow, sound familiar?  Except that this "mistake", if it can even be called that was purely do to the heavy influence of Alejandro that season, and frankly she did a lot less than the surfer boy did last season, yet it's still seen as all her fault.  What else happens in these aftermaths?  I think it's enough information to leave it with the fact that Geoff almost punched her.

So not to drag on, I'm going to leave off here and open the rest of the blog to your thoughts.  What do you think of Gidgette?  I'm quite interested to know what people like about this couple, and just because I don't doesn't mean you have to dislike them either.  Please make sure to keep your comments friendly and focused on the subjects of Geoff, Bridgette, and their relationship instead of attacking me.  THANK YOU for reading and have a great day.

~Zoey <3

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