Hey guys, this is Berryleaf reporting my thoughts on the first 11 episodes of RR.  It's not exactly mid season, but I figured I should post these before I fall behind again.   Yesterday, I watched all 11 of the episodes (and made $1 bets with my dad on the eliminated after episode 6...I have 3 extra dollars now)  What can I say?  It was simply amazing.  There is not one team I hate this season and even Owen is growing on me.  So, without further ado, here are my opinions on the season, starting with the individual episodes and then moving on to team rankings.


Also, please let me know if I swear in this blog.  While I am trying to catch myself for the benefit of the wiki rules, swearing is a part of my general vocabulary so sometimes it may slip by.  Let me know and I'll remove it ASAP.  Thanks.

(Note: Also let me know if I mix up plot details, I watched all 11 in one day and therefore may have mixed up some of the occurences)

None Down, Eighteen to Go Part 1

Despite watching this one like 12 times, it was still pretty good to watch again and a good refresher for me to remember what happened there in the later episodes.  Decent division of screen time, funny gags, not much to say here that hasn't already been said by a million people. 7/10

None Down, Eighteen to Go Part 2

Another substantial episode with some good starting points for plots and the elimination of the worst team (in my opinion) this season.  Not sure where they were going to go with Carrie and Devin getting lost, maybe they ran out of time or something.   Pretty good episode, LARPers went home at the right time, I give it a 8/10

French is an Eiffel Language

Probably my favorite of the CN leak episodes, I love the episodes that take place at nighttime and this is no exception.  Again, very well divided screentime for the cast and some great lines. "This would be a good place for an amusement park or a camp for kids" and "Tom, I have a bone to pick with you." are some of my favorites.  Gerry and Pete were originally one of my favorite teams but it makes sense for them to go here and other teams have filled up my top 5 now. 9/10.

Mediterranean Homesick Blues

The last of the episodes I saw before yesterday, Mediterranean Homesick Blues is a good episode even if it doesn't feature a lot of plot development.  Macarthur and Sanders screenhog a little bit but it's not too terrible.  Love the beach theme, sad to see the geniuses go here since I was hoping they'd prove to be more of a threat, but I can see why they were eliminated here.  8/10.

Bjorken Telephone

The first of the episodes I hadn't seen until yesterday, this is a funny episode despite being a bit of filler.  Dwayne isn't very faithful to his wife, I expect some problems when he gets home.  Love how Tom and Jen get past the first part just by complimenting the swan lady.  Whenever Taylor says chipotle I think of Survivorpanda, lol.  Crimson is our final contestant to speak, and as this episode started love of the vegans for some people, for me it started the love of the goths.  8.5/10.

Brazilian Pain Forest

Things are starting to heat up in here, after the elimination of the vegans we appear to be fodderless and the real competition starts.  While the elimination was spoiled for me beforehand, it was still surprising to see how it happened.  Lots of interesting sections, many teams get by things a different way.  I would not want to stick my hand in a mitt full of venemous bugs, owch!   Again, the elimination is sorta surprising but it was a good place to get out the vegans, interesting how Laurie craves meat after tasting it, and the beach scenery looks cool. 8.5/10

Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

Simply.  Amazing.  We get nightfall, a thunderstorm, and a wickedly awesome castle?  I swear someone on the staff knows exactly what I like...and the goths too, which make them all the more amazing.  Lots of cool cross team interactions and Kitty and Carrie continue to be super cute as well as Crimson and Ennui being awesome.  Add some cool Chet and Lorenzo horse riding dynamic, the beginning of Nemma, and some great horror jokes and you have a Total Drama nirvana.  The only thing I have to complain about is the elimination of Tom and Jen, yes their fighting did seem a little forced, but they made up and it was an okay place for their elimination.  (also I won a dollar just for watching my favorite show, wooo!)  Even with this elimination, everything else is so simply perfect I can't help but give this a 10/10.

Hawaiian Honeyruin

Another wickedly cool tropical themed episode, some of these are slightly blurred so I can't remember if Stephanie and Ryan broke up in this 

Taylor lame

I swear someone took a photo of me swimming.

one or the last episode, but wow what a switch.  I suppose it was to be seen coming, as the two needing some sort of plot to maintain their relevance, else they would've been fodders.  Nemma becomes an actual plot point as Noah's fantasies reach an all time high.  (Speaking of which, whatever happened with Junior and Carrie?   Is Junior going to crush on other girls?  Judging by the patterns so far, he should do it soon before the Dwaynes get eliminated.)  Wow, these teens can hold their breath for a long time, and most of them can swim pretty well.  Except Taylor, who seems to be having trouble despite saying "she's pretty much the best at everything" in episode 1 and having multiple trophies.  Turns out her life is a lie as Kelly finally works up the courage to tell her off, saying that everything she has won was fake and paid for by her "daddy".  Honestly, the writing this season is just killer.  I love it.  Nice to see a change in the placings, Jacques and Josee are held up by a faulty lava rock and Brody and Geoff actually win a round.  If Stephanie and Ryan had been eliminated I would've had to give back a dollar, but it was a non elimination so yay.  I heard lots of people hate their plot in last week's episodes, but I think it's a good change as previously described, even if it does render their future elimination predictable.  9/10.

Hello and Dubai

Continuing my review, (good thing my laptop has a touchscreen, the mouse was acting up and wouldn't type or publish so I had to make a mid publish) we have Hello and Dubai, beginning the official Noah Owen Kitty Emma dynamic and some more Darrie.  (Forgot to mention their role in last episode, Kitty told Carrie to speak her mind).  Honestly, either one or two things is possible.  Either Devin is so oblivious to him friendzoning Carrie that he is accidentally giving her hints. (Trust me, this is possible, I believe I once accidentally did this to someone and I regret being so oblivious) or he knows Carrie likes him and is really a lot more sadistic than we think.  (who knows?)  The Doctor Who reference is hilarious, "Participate!" is no doubt a take on the Dalek's "Exterminate!"  and I love the window washing scenes with Sisters and TV Pros,  (Like I said before, Owen is actually pretty funny this season) particularly Noah catching Emma and Maria (I don't know her actual name, but the flight attendant that was in World Tour) getting a shocking glimpse of shirtless Owen.  (Now that I think of it, Billy was in the background of the airport in episode 2.)  Love the Chris reference, "Didn't know this place had a dollar store" and the ending of Mom and Daughter was sweet.  (including some humour with, "You should double my allowance"  "Sweetie, I'm cancelling your allowance."  "WHAT?")  Another 9/10.

New Beijingings

I swear I'm spelling the title wrong, this was mostly a continuation of past plot points to give us another look at the plots, Stephanie and Ryan's relationship is getting sorta cringeworthy but it's an interesting plot and better than TDA Geoff and Bridgette 2.0.   The Josee and Jacques asset joke was pretty funny, but not too much happened here.  Still, nothing was bad so 7.5/10.

I Love Ridonc and Roll

The last episode to review of this blog, this one focuses on a couple teams we haven't seen too much of before, the
The Horror

I'd be scared too, if my face melted off.

rockers and goths.  Holy crap do the goths look different.  I knew they were wearing makeup, but geez.  Their eye color changes and they were wearing wigs?  However this provides for some excellent development of the two that restores my faith in them getting far.  I was scared when they said they were quitting, but they came to like eachother for who they are on the inside which was sweet and proves the two do have emotions, they do see a goth store and get some nice outfits before Ennui delivers a killer air guitar performance and they're saved.  Glad that they'll be back to their usual appearance in Zimbabwe though.  Rockers actually won.  I was like 99% sure they were going this episode, but they got first place.  Wow.  Emma being evil is awesome, adversity twins are eliminated, meh, I win another dollar for my second bet.  More on them later though.

Team Rankings

Here are my updated team rankings based off of 11 aired episodes, and why I decide to place them there.  

18th- Leonard and Tammy "LARPers"


The LAMEpers

As I said above, there is not one team I hate this season but there are a few I dislike.  Leonard isn't nearly as aggravating as in TDPI,  and he didn't cause the elimination of any slightly better contestants, but they weren't terribly funny and good for only team filler.  Best Part:  Tammy throwing confetti.

17th- Laurie and Miles "Vegans"

Probably the most controversial of my opinions, I honestly didn't find them terribly interesting.  Again, they weren't terrible, just kinda there.  Decent from start to
Miles Yells At Laurie


finish, they got eliminated at the right time in my opinion.  Best Part:  Laurie being addicted to meat after trying it for the first time in Iceland, although I heard vegans and vegetarians are incapable of digesting meat.

16th- Stephanie and Ryan "Daters"

As I said above, good that they weren't a Geoff and Bridgette 2.0, but allthewhile I'm not a terribly big fan of either of them.  Decent plot, and I do hope for them to make up (and inevitably make out)  before their elimination.  Stephanie's temper 

Stephanie and ryan1


is interesting and provides for many funny lines, including "If he ever touches my french fries, BLAM!"  Best Part: Them finding out that they're not eliminated in Hawaii.

15th-  Jay and Mickey "Adversity Twins"

At first I found these two Cameron clones rather annoying, but as the series progressed I found their sob stories ranging from slightly amusing to laugh out 

Mickey and jay1

Twin Punching Bags

loud hilarious.  The underdog plot went well, they did last a lot longer than I thought they would, (in every episode they were my second choice for elimination) 

yet they didn't last too long for them to get annoying again.  Overall pretty good comic relief, pretty likable really.  Best Part:  Any of their stories about how they came to have a fear or allergy of something.

14th- Rock and Spud "Rockers"

Wow, they are getting far.  I don't expect them to get much farther, but they're not the fodder I thought they were.
Go rockers

Rocker and Leech

 Rock is hilarious, love his line "I want to win for my parents so I can BUILD MY OWN BASEMENTTTT!"  and how he re-enacts the noises of the things that happened to them.  Spud, on the other hand is really lazy.  Him refusing to help Rock in the feast challenge and then saying "woah, they're catching up to us." did make me dislike him.  Honestly, I was sure they'd be out in the rock challenge, but they weren't and Spud finally did something useful.  We'll see what they do I suppose.  Best Part:  Rock re-enacting sound effects.
Nerdy Courtney

Wasted Potential

13th-  Ellody and Mary  "Geniuses"

I was really hoping these two would be serious threats in the game, but alas they were just fodder.  They were cool in Mediterranean Homesick Blues, other than that they didn't do much, but the could've.   Best Part:  Them telling the driver how to get to the beach.

12th- Jacques and Josee "Ice Dancers"

Jacques After Ant Glove

Not Very Nice Dancers

The up and coming villains of the series, I predict to see these two to start messing with other teams, although I'm not sure how they'll get rid of the lava rock.  Can't say I love them, but they're okay, and I like how evil Josee is, she's kinda a mix of Courtney and Max.  Best Part:  Jacques crashing through the donkey billboard and Josee saying he's an important asset to the team.

11th- Gerry and Pete "Tennis Rivals"

Gerry and pete int

Elderly Jokers

As hilarious as these guys were, I can't fairly rank them much higher than another ten teams for their early boot.  Loved their theme song and they were definitely stars in "French is an Eiffel Language" Doubt we'll see them again, but they were good comic relief.  Best Part:  Their jokes about eachother in the confessional.

10th- Sanders and MacArtuhur "Police Cadets"

They were the main characters of the beginning episodes, but since then they've fallen out of the spotlight.  Even with their epicness in the first few episodes, 

Sanders and MacArthur Paddling

Expiring Slowly

MacArthur is becoming a Sugar 2.0 and fart jokes are about all she's doing.  And any of you that know me know how much I "love" toilet humour.  Sanders has been off screen even more.but at least she's not annoying.  If they continue to be this way they'll fall down some more spots.  Best Part:  MacArthur giving Sanders a ticket for "excessive complaining".

9th- Kelly and Taylor "Mom and Daughter"

While they were out of the spotlight for the first few episodes, their second half gave them just the right amount of screentime to have a decent plot that fits in only a few episodes while still not
Kelly Taylor happy

Mom and Doubter

seeming rushed.  Kelly standing up to Taylor in Hawaii was awesome, and Taylor is about a good as a swimmer as I am.  Dubai was their best episode though, I like when Kelly talks to Dwayne and he finds out that Junior's minor tempor flares are nothing compared to Taylor, and how Kelly yells at him when he speaks his opinion.  As I've said and am going to say with teams that I like but have been eliminated, it was a good place for them to go.  Best Part:  The end of Dubai when they make up and go shopping together, including Kelly saying she's not going to give Taylor allowance anymore.

Veterans for a Love Story

8th-  Owen and Noah "Reality TV Pros"

I said this above, but Owen is actually pretty likable this season despite a few fart jokes in the beginning.  The dynamic between these two and Kitty and Emma is perfectly done.  My only issue with this team is lots of Noah's dry sarcasm has been evaporated, but like I said, the writers know what they're doing with these two.  I predict them to go fairly soon after Noah and Emma finally hook up for real.  Best Part:  Owen being dragged down the window in Dubai.

7th-  Chet and Lorenzo "Stepbrothers"

For the berry man

St-epic brothers

Another fairly controversial pick, these two do have a fairly predictable plot but they're still very funny and I like how they are slowly becoming friends.  They did pretty well in Romania, and I haven't found their hated for eachother too irritating like many of their haters do.  The two have been a little offscreen lately but I hope for them to have some more focus before their elimination.  Best Part:  Them writing on horseback in Romania and smiling at eachother.

6th- Geoff and Brody "Surfer Dudes"

Geoff and brody married

Surfer Bromance

These guys are hilarious, Brody is a perfect mix of Geoff and Tyler and they haven't done anything unlikable so far in my opinion.  Loved how they won in Hawaii, I have high hopes for these two and hope they get far.  Their bromance makes the two cool best friends and I'm hoping they lead to a Bridgette cameo.  Best Part:  Brody twisting his ankle and saying he needs potassium...Geoff yelling "Does anyone have a banana?" 

5th- Jen and Tom "Fashion Bloggers" 



Another very funny team, sad to see them go in Romania but they had some really good parts such as the running gag of them going shopping everywhere, getting off the yacht and Jen's line "Tom, I have a bone to pick with you" while operating a skeleton is some fun dark humour.  Best Part:  Dwaynes saying they got hit by a carpet and the two laughing nervously.

4th-  Dwayne and Junior "Father and Son"

Good team for plots, they haven't done too much recently but I like how Junior 


Failther and Son

has to keep winning for them when Dwayne messes something up.  I like how Dwayne always tries to teach Junior something but Junior ends up knowing what to do a lot more.  Hoping they last a bit longer but I don't see them getting too much farther due to their lack of screentime in recent episodes.  Best Part: Dwayne being poisoned by a scorpion and his lines from that.

3rd- Crimson and Ennui "Goths"

Wow these two went way up.  I knew I'd like them after I heard about how great

Goth God and Goddess

they were in episode 5 onward, but they bested my expectations and are perfect for fitting in some dark humour, I think this may be my least controversial opinion so far.  They're amazing in Finland because they get some development, and like I said before, wow do they look different.  I like the sweet story of how they come to accept eachother for who they are, because I was scared they'd actually quit for a bit.  I hope to see much more of these two before their elimination, because they work very well together.  Best Part:  The two talking about Transylvania, and how Crimson gets worked up before Ennui warns her about getting color in her face.

2nd- Carrie and Devin "Best Friends"

Carrie and devin get married

Best Friendzones

These two are awesome.  Hell, if all goes well, their love story could be better than Gwent.  A team used for mostly plot but with some still hilarious moments such as Devin's reaction to Carrie's art of him "it's too realistic!".  I hope the best for Carrie because Shelly sounds like a person and I can tell Carrie reallys cares for Devin.  After Skave I worry if they will hook up or not but I'm hoping for the best.  Also, Carrie is voiced by Kristin Fairlie which makes her even better because she sounds like Bridgette.  Best Part:  Pretty much anything in Hawaiian Honeyruin, from Carrie and Kitty's conversation to Devin saying they'll be best friends forever (as a joke, I hope that doesn't happen) 

1st- Emma and Kitty "Sisters"

Originally my second favorite team, these two switched places with Carrie and Devin as they got VERY VERY

Sweet Sisters

AWESOME.  I've loved their high screentime in the recent episodes and they have, in my opinion, the best dynamic of all the teams to this point.  Emma is at first like Courtney, but her softening up to Noah and being more friendly with Kitty have made her character more fleshed out.  Kitty is a mix of all the positives of Gravity Falls' Mabel and Stephanie Anne Mills's other character, Lindsay.  I love Kitty's "romance alarm" noises in the confessional.  Best Part:  Despite the awesomeness of Kitty's romance alarm noises, my favorite scene of the two is when the Dalek tennis machine crashes onto their window platform and shoot tennis balls at rapid fire, Kitty deflects them and Emma comments on how they should've done tennis. 


Well, that's the end of my mid season review blog, it took about 4 hours but it was worth it, I hope to see your thoughts on the race and my opinions in the comments below before I dissappear again on Monday, hope you enjoyed the blog and have a good day!  This is Berry, signing off.

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