Everything Wrong With - Hide and Be Sneaky

Ooh we're in for a doozy.

Sin #1


You can tell the game's really heating up when Chris chooses to greet us with a "previously" over a "last time".  Either that or he's just getting sick of doing recaps.

Sin #2


Actually, this is the first time Heather has won individual immunity in the entire series.  Maybe Chris is just giving us foreshadowing.

Sin #3


Really? The most shocking episode yet?  I'd say unless somebody plays one of Jeff Probst's magic sticks no twist can really trump Courtney's elimination.

Sin #4


No, Lindsay!  You said you came here to get clean!

Sin #5


Isn't Heather supposed to be the smart one here?  She should know after getting locked in a freezer that her actions have consequences.  Oh well, not like it could get any worse.

Sin #6


This is a great scene and all, but it ultimately leads to nothing.  Neither Gwen or Leshawna get revenge on Heather or her allies for the rest of the episode.

Sin #7


Even ignoring Chef's....unique methods of pumping up the water gun, this is the only scene in which we see that the water gun has laser directed aim.  That is, unless Chef pulled out a laser pointer just to try to shine it in Duncan's eyes.

Sin #8


Is Chris supposed to be directly involved in this challenge?  Or is he just taking the break to check up on that teenager that he thinks ain't too shabby.

Sins #9-#11


  • It's at this point where you wonder if Lindsay is really running away from Chef or if she's simply trying to get away from Chris.
  • Hold up, Chris, aren't the bathrooms supposed to be gender separated?  I know they're communal, but there was a scene in Paintball Deer Hunter where all of the girls were specifically waiting for Heather to finish in the bathroom.  This means that Chris just straight up walked into the girls' bathroom to follow Lindsay.
  • Even if the bathrooms ARE for literally everyone, Lindsay could have multiple reasons for wanting to hide there, and Chris's creepy "knock knock" jokes are really uncomfortable if you're trying to get some privacy.

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