This is the story about before Dawn Day.

CAST (in order of appearance)






Duncan (no speak)

Dakota (no speak)







Dawn Army


Bridgette: Total Drama Chatroom!

-Lindsay has left the chat.-

-Tyler has joined the chat.-

Tyler: Anyone seen Lindsay?

-Mike has joined the chat.-

Zoey: Hey wazzup?

Mike: Hey Zoey I'm gonna take my shirt off.

Vito: Hey, where Anne Maria?

Zoey: Mike, I'll kill you!

-Mike has left the chat because he died.-

-Brick has joined the chat-

Brick: I'm large and in charge!

-Ezekiel has joined the chat-

-Izzy- has joined the chat-

-Lindsay has joined the chat-

Izzy: Hey anyone seen Dawn?

Brick: No I haven't seen her all day...

Tyler: Weird.....

-Dawn has joined the chat.-

Dawn: *uses Dawnifier on Ezekiel, Dakota, and Duncan.*

Dawns: We are Dawns!

  • girls run to right of plane*
  • guys run to left side of plane*

Lindsay: Are we safe in here?

Izzy: I don't know, but I need to go to the bathroom.

Izzy: *goes to the bathroom*

Izzy: AHHHHH!!!!!!!

Dawns: You are one of us now.


DJ: Man, I need some fresh air!

Brick: DJ WAIT!

DJ: *turns into dawn*

Dawn: What is it Brick?

Lindsay: Hey Heather are you Tyler? I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. Are we safe here?

Heather: *annoyed* Why don't you go out and see for yourself?

Lindsay: Great idea Heather!

Lindsay: *turns into dawn*

Zoey: There's only 6 of us left.

Zoey: I can hear the dawns, they're going to change us!

Bridgette: Don't worry we have a sacrifice to help us escape!

Noah: There's nowhere we can hide. They can see our auras.

Bridgette: *throws heather out to dawns*

Heather: *being transformed* Hey!

Zoey: That won't please them!

Zoey: I see them!!

Dawn: Hi Zoey.

Bridgette: *climbs up air vent*

Dawn: Come back.

Dawn: *climbs in right after them*

  • meanwhile in the storage room*

Tyler: Hey guys, do you think its safe for me to get a drink?

Brick: No! Don't end up like DJ!

Zoey: *Falls into the boys side of the plane*

Brick: *catches Zoey*

Zoey: Thanks Brick!

Brick: No problem.

Noah: What happened over there?

Zoey: Well Bridge threw Heather to the Dawns, and we climbed through the air vents

Tyler: So its just you and Bridgette?

Zoey: Yeah, well I don't know, I lost bridgette... never mind there she is.

Bridgette: *falls on tyler*

Zoey: Uh guys....*points* THE DAWNS ARE COMING!

Dawn: I think it's very safe to get one Tyler.

Bridgette: Uh oh gotta juice! *runs off Tyler*

Dawns: *They pile on Tyler*

Dawn: *turns Tyler into dawn*

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