Hey everyone!  I figured since it's almost 2015 and all the chats are dead I should make a blog about the New Year's. 


Especially since my last blog was 2 years ago.  So I'm going to be giving thanks to some of my friends around the wiki.


Hey dude!  You're on my blog because we are friends, and you're one of my fellow writers on Total Drama Enchanted Forest Wiki.  I've enjoyed rping with you and I like your Lindsay.  Hope to see you more next year! 





Hey Cabbage, you also made the cut for my blog as one of my fellow writers.  At first I wasn't a huge fan of Nawn, but it has been played out pretty well and I think you and Flurry have pulled it off.  And "Black Window" was a really good episode!  See you next year!


Hello Flurry.  Your writing is really a work of art.  While your episodes may be long, if one takes the time to read them they will be happy they did.  I also like your rping of Noah on TDRP wiki and you're a great friend to joke with!  I will see you next year!

P.S.  Try not to marry Duncan


Finally, Happy.  Well, we did it.  We made a successful fanfiction series.  And I couldn't have done it without you.  I know I can be too much sometimes, but I think that creepiness is a part of me.  Who would think that a silly zombie rp could bring us to where we are now?  This blog was inspired by your's so thanks for the idea!  Excited to see you next year!



Well, well, Welly, it's the first person not part of the TDEF writing team to make the list.  You're a great guy who I'm glad to be friends with.  I have had fun rping and testing brant simulators with you, and I enjoy your Tyler.  Hope to crash into you next year!



Hey Green, I'm happy to have reconnected with you this year.  I haven't been able to talk with you much but that's fine because you have a lot of things to work on.  I hope you're enjoying college and writing your fanfiction.  Maybe we'll meet up next year!
Ella wants to help rodney



While we may not get along all the time, you still made it on my blog.  Why?  Simple, because we know how to make up.  I think you're a really talented roleplayer and I do respect you even though I may not show it sometimes.  Wishing to see you next year!File:Samey is EVIL.png


Yo, yo, yo!  Dipdap is in the house!  Glad to be your friend Dippy, and hope to see you next year!


Hey, man.  I dunno if you're gonna look at this or not, but I really appreciate you sticking with me.  Maybe we can play some video games next year!


Another one of my good friends.  Hoping to see you next year!


I've enjoyed subbing for your characters.  See you next year hopefully!

-UPF peeps

I can practically guarentee that none of you are gonna look at this blog.  But if you do, sorry that the wiki died and happy new year!

-Other people!

I'd like to thank other people that are my friends as well.  Hello.  I may partially interact with you next year!

Alright that's it!  See y'all next year!






There was no way you weren't gonna make this list bro.  We've had eachothers' backs since
Sky is sleeping

Freddie. You may be sleeping now, but you'll see this at some point...

day one.  My fellow Sky fan, we are inseperable.  You're funny, a good friend, and awesome at roleplaying as Sky.  I'm really glad to have an ally looking out for me that I can trust.  Someone who believes in me.  So I thank you for that and hope to see you next year!

Okay, this is really the end of the blog.  If I didn't give you a shoutout sorry, we're probably good friends but I didn't get to you.  Goodbye to everyone....

...for now >:D

Happy new year

Happy New Year Everyone!