I am close to the merge in season one of my fan fiction, and season two is comming closer. Total Drama Across The Ocean! I Have the flipbook right down there!

Open the picture in another tab to view full-size.

Give me your feedback please! :)

  • Credit for Cat goes to Cdisney3.
  • Credit for the design of Coderra goes to Ale-Alejandro.
  • Credit for the pieces of Timmy and Kendal goes to Sprinklemist.
  • Credit for Original TD characters goes to Teletoon.
  • Credit for characters I created goes to me.

Thanks to everyone listed above!

By the way, if you can't notice. The characters who havent been on the show as host or contestants that will be in are:

  • Susan (Created by me)
  • Storm (Created by me)
  • Kendal (Created by me)
  • Timmy (Created by me)
  • Hernando (Created by Teletoon & Fresh TV)
  • Leslie (Created by me)
  • Milay (Created by me)
  • Cat (Created by Cdisney3)
  • Maria (Created by me, PS she is supposed to look like Heather, she is her cousin)
  • Mariah (Created by me)
  • Megan (Created by me)
  • Coderra (Created by Ale-Alejandro)

Now that all the previews and credits are over, The link to season one is below! Enjoy:

And the link to the mini aftermath show which is just as important (no joke) is below here:

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