My fanfic, posted in my last blog, is coming up so i am giving little bits of info every couple days. Here ya go:

  • First of al, this is

    A fan seen in aftermaths ONLY

    Angelica, a fan only seen in aftermaths in the audience asking questions and basically never shutting up, but everyone is still nice to her (like Cody is to Sierra).
  • Second: Emma, Geoff, and Bridgette will be hosting aftermaths. Blaineley would, but she is competing (she might possibly host after her elimination....if she gets eliminated).
  • Third: Just like last season, this has a lot of antagonist. Even a new one, Megan. She is new, so noone knows of her nature yet. She has the highest advantage against everyone.
  • Fourth: LINDSAY IS BALD! Yes, it is her who becomes bald during her run on Total Drama: The Drama, and she remains bald through this season.
  • Fifth: Chris and Chef get a new co-host, Susan. Kendal and Timmy also get a new intern, Storm (Real name: Sammantha).
  • Hernando (Gwen's brother) joins the game. They are both on the same team by the way.....
  • YES, there is a special for TD:TD, which will be published, obviously after the finale. It introduces the new characters, and shows how everyone gets in, or doesn't. Angelica also appears in the special.
  • Cat is a new character. She has the same personality as her original, except in my fanfic she isn't related to Chris and has more of Alex's character Traits. (Alex is Cat's previous design)

Main Cast

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