• TDI: The Biggest Loser.
  • TDA: The Miss-Understood Commentator.
  • TDWT: Turned into a crazy gollum who wouldn't take "Your Out" as an answer.


  • TDI: Angry Psycho.
  • TDA: The Quiet Commentator.
  • TDWT: The Crazy Reporter.


  • TDI: Wasnt a team player.
  • TDA: Boring.
  • TDWT: Great character developement, very sarcastic and funny.


  • TDI: Boring.
  • TDA: I loved his girl advatages.
  • TDWT: Didn't talk much.


  • TDI: Annoying...
  • TDA: I would love if she would spend time away from Sadie...
  • TDWT: Okay...

6. Tyler:

  • TDI: Not much, except Lindsay moments...
  • TDA: Wasn't vocal....
  • TDWT: Hated him except in "Can't Help Falling In Louvre", he was awesome there.


  • TDI: She was pretty cool.
  • TDA: Her alter-egos were funny.
  • TDWT: Pointless to be in this season, didn't even have a role, big or small.....


  • TDI: I wish he would have made it farther, because he had some nice Gwen moments.
  • TDA: He was still Gwen obsessed.
  • TDWT: Trouble with Sierra was funny, helping Gwen out was nice, and then in the merge he turned out to be an awesome character!


  • TDI: She was kinda dumb in Heather's alliance.
  • TDA: She and Lindsay became BFFLs! Better than Katie and Sadie too!
  • TDWT: She was trying to get into TDWT in "Aftermath Aftermayhem", and she was the most vocal Commentator.


  • TDI: Annoying.
  • TDA: Annoying.
  • TDWT: Cool in "Aftermayhem" and "Hawiian Punch


  • TDI: So cute and nice to most people!
  • TDA: Whinney Brat!
  • TDWT: I liked her 'friendship' with Gwen.


  • TDI: Rigged votes, and bullied a lot by Duncan, Geoff, and DJ.
  • TDA: Nerd with a lot of facts.
  • TDWT: H-Bomb!....and Codys best friend!....besides Sierra.


  • TDI: I liked his image in TDI soooooo much! He was my favorite character!
  • TDA: I hated him, just because his obsession with Gwen and the number 9.
  • TDWT: I thought his moment with Gwen in "Aftermayhem was cute! ^_^


  • TDI: The Down to Earth Bridgette we know and love!
  • TDA: Make-out sessions non-stop with Geoff....
  • TDWT: Alejandro Victum.


  • TDI: Played for a fool.
  • TDA: Used her brain....sometimes.
  • TDWT: Cute Tyler Moments ^_^


  • TDI: Stronger.
  • TDA: Momma's Boy
  • TDWT: Animal killer.


  • TDI: Awesome party dude!
  • TDA: Make out....
  • TDWT: Awesome Aftermath Host! Waaaaaaayy better than TDA!


  • TDI: I loved her conflict with Heather for 22 episodes, even if it was killed off in the middle of TDA. :(
  • TDA: She should never have talked trash about everyone she stays with when she was with LeShaniqua.
  • TDWT: Alejandro Victum.


  • TDI: Awesome punk/delinquent.
  • TDA: Still awesome punk/delinquent.
  • TDWT: Life wrecker.


  • TDI: Jerk (In a good way (: haha)
  • TDA: Bald Jerk (In a good way (: haha) P.S.: I loved her pink/red wig! ^_^
  • TDWT: She changed SOOOO much! I love her the most this season! (Heather and Blaineley shall rule the world!)


  • TDI: Amazing loner who ended up having many friends, conflicts, Trent ^_^ , and made it far
  • TDA: Forced out of the competition by giving in to Justin and The Grips....
  • TDWT: I loved her no matter what she did! :)


  • TDI: Fat and Obnoxios! :)
  • TDA: Still Fat and Obnoxios! :\
  • TDWT: STILL Fat and Obnoxios! :|


  • TDA: Dirtbag!
  • TDWT: Man Wh**e! (But still awesome! haha and i loved his Heather moments! AxH!)


  • TDA: Sweet and Caring!
  • TDWT: Gossip Brat! But I love her! :) (Heather and Blaineley will rule the world!)


  • TDA: She was soooo cute!
  • TDWT: She had her cute moments still, but kinda creepy most of the time! haha :)


  • TDA: He seemed nice....but so did Blaineley...But he was cool. (Nicest Host besides Bridgette)

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