Okay I have some news for all of you that I wish to tell.

1) I am now a working man. I am working as a helper at a skate park! It doesn't pay that much but oh well.

2) I am glad to anounce that I will be getting more active. I am also going to be on the IRC more.

3) I am trying to get out and make more friends on here and I'm breaking out of my shell.

4) I have started a TD:WT Fan club where I live and I'm the president. We do a bunch of stuff and just hang out togethor. We also talk about the show and latest discussions.

5) Finaly I'd like to say that I have hurt myself silly today falling off the stage in the audotarium to me getting hit in the head by a locker. SO yeah I'm pretty much in pian rihgt now.

Sorry if this blog was random and it probally was just wanted to share this stuff with you as it is very important to me. I am glad you actually read this even if it was about *close up* News *insert dramatic music* So yeah. Bye


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