I'm sorry all about this. I just can't go on. This wiki is just not my type of wiki. I can't get enough for anything important in fact I'm barely given eye contact. I don't see why I'm here except for to know information. SO yes.

I'm Leaving.

I've had enough of the stress of the fights of the nothing I can do. I quit! Enugh I'm no toy I won't be tryiong to impress anyone anyone more. I'm done! I'm leaving. I'll show up every now and then and be on other wikis so I won't be entirely gone. If you ever want me message me yet since no one will probally want me that won't be very oten SO bye I hope you all prosper if I do return I'll make an edit. Ben :DLive, Learn, and Love!User:Ben109|I am on the role for peace if you don't go out and make friends well sorry 01:08, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

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