Synopsis: After the season finale of the Ridonculous Race the entire cast seems to have vanished from the public eye, almost an entire year has passed as RR barely kept relevance in today’s media. Of course that was until rumors of a second season began to surface, then IT happened. The biggest, most awful, tragic event in human history, followed by news of a television program hijacking air waves, displaying several talented students in a game of mutual killing.

After the game ended with it’s mastermind executed, it was thought that nothing like it would ever happen again.

Until now.

TD: Ridonculous Despair is a Crossover blog with the Danganronpa franchise, inspired by AltertheSilverBird’s own Total Drama/Danganronpa Blog(which I highly recommend!). Featuring all thirty-six Racers from the show. The way this blog will work is that all Daily Day events will be written in Bullet-point format with some minor exceptions, during the Daily Days period you guys reading this will vote in the comments for who you want in the POV of the chapter(the temporary main character if you will) and who you want them to interact with. You can also vote for the victim in the next chapter.

After the Daily days are the Deadly days period, where someone cracks under the pressure and murders a contestant that you all voted for or I chose. I will then give you guys a list of clues before moving on to the trial period. The trial will be written in script format, and you guys will be able to interact by giving your theories in the comments or voting for a witness or culprit. If you guys manage to vote the right killer before the final part of the trial then all contestants will live for the chapter. Fail to even get close, then someone that I pick will meet an unlikely end.


- All contestants who were previously on the Ridonculous Race wake up in the cargo hold of a plane, along with the team there was also Don himself and a mysterious blonde woman in the cargo hold. There is a short panic as nobody had a clue of how they got there.

- A mysterious, electronic voice calls out from the plane’s speaker. They sound childish, but strangely malevolent.

- They explain that their “Stop” has been reached and everyone should buckle down as they prepare to land.

- The plane shifts suddenly knocking several people to the floor, several people try to regain their balance but a few mishaps happen. Such as Ellody’s glasses falling to the floor and getting slightly cracked or several people getting bruised from slamming into the metal ground. Everyone manages to either strap in or find something to hold onto as the plane they were on finally landed.

- Once the cargo hold stopped rumbling the group tried to for any injuries, though everyone was mostly fine. Minor arguing broke out until a small black-and-white ball rolled across the floor, catching everyone’s attention. Before any questions could be asked a cloud of white gas filled up the cargo hold knocking everyone out. Before he collapsed Noah hears a high-pitched laugh.

- The group re-awakens to find themselves in an abandoned city, and Emma takes notice that signs and billboards appear to be in another language.

- A voice rings out from some sort-of speaker system, it was childish but laced with malice, it said:

“Attention all citizens, you may now explore the city however you like as long as you do not attempt to cross a fenced area! Please report to the City square at 8:00 Pm sharp, thirty minutes from now!”

- The group discuss their situation and argue on what to do. Eventually several groups are formed.

- One group led by Noah and Emma(with Kitty and Owen tagging along) actively explore the city. They split up into teams to cover more ground. The people in this group include the Cadets, the Sisters, the Reality tv pros, the Best friends, Surfer dudes, the Vegans, the Mother and Daughter team(because Taylor wanted to find someplace to rest), the Father and Son team(because of Junior’s insistence), the Geniuses, and Don.

- The Daters, Twins, Tennis Rivals, Stepbrothers, Rockers, and Fashion bloggers decided to stay at the city square instead of actually searching.

- The Ice dancers went by themselves because they don’t like the others, the Larpers ran off in the search for “adventure”, the Goths left several minutes ago without anyone noticing, and the mysterious Blonde woman walked off without really caring.

- Several locations were found, other than office buildings or parking garages there was:

. A Hotel with several locked rooms, an indoor pool, cafeteria, hot tubs, and lounge area. Kitty searched behind the hotel desk and found a small office with little inside it.

. A Fast food place, that’s incredibly barren. It has a walk-in freezer but not food in sight, Owen is disappointed but Noah points out that all the cooking equipment looks functional. He also finds a closet full of cleaning supplies and a box of several different kinds of knives.

. A coffee shop with supplies for baking and beverage making, there is a lounge corner filled with beanbag chairs and several computer desks against the wall. The geniuses find that none of the computers work and neither will any television in the shop. Ellody and Mary also find the fashion bloggers there sipping lattes, when questioned on why they’re here they simply shrug and say they wanna be fashionably late when everyone groups together again.

. Kelly and Taylor find a local park with a children’s playground and large fountain, the fountain seems to be in perfect order and there’s a wooden shack with pipes and valves connected to it.

. Don and the surfer bros find a shop that’s locked down with steel coverings, with a cardboard standee of a Monochrome bear in front of it. They cannot enter so they leave.

. The Best friends find a camera shop, with a backroom full of equipment for photoshoots. There’s also a closet full of miscellaneous props and several different kinds of cameras. They also find a safe but can’t open it.

. Dwayne, Junior, and the vegans find a food mart but it’s filled with nothing but rotten produce. Luckily they find non-perishable food stuff and canned goods. The front of the store has a row of shopping carts surrounded by a metal railing. The only way to get a cart is to insert a coin in the slot.

. The cadets investigate the town square and see an important looking building. However the doors are locked so they cannot enter. In the center of the square is a giant unknown object under a tarp. A far-off clock tower chimes and it’s Eight O clock.

. Everyone gathers in the town square and wait, but after several minutes of nothing everyone gets either impatient or antsy. Suddenly as MacArthur was about to leave the high-pitched voice from earlier calls out.

“HOLD YOUR HORSES!-erm...Anyway!”

From behind the covered object popped out a strange sight. A teddy bear, with half of it’s body white and the other a pitch black. One eye was a simple black dot, while the other was a birght red slash mark.

“Presenting your one and only host! MooooonooooooKuma!”

- Everyone is confused and start asking questions. Some of them even ask if this is a prank. However “Monokuma” laughs this off. The bear proceeds to explain the situation, stating that they are currently inside what he calls “KumaCity” and that they’re part of an all new television program.

- Some were confused, but others like the Ice dancers were excited to be able to win the race again. But Monokuma laughs them off by explaining the goal of the game:

“Whoever kills another contestant and gets away with it will be given freedom from Kumacity! If no one dies, then you all live out your lives here in captivity until you grow old and die!”

- Everyone protests or outright panics until monokuma gets fed up and tells them there’s no way to escape and that he’s telling the truth. Before he pops away Tammy asks him why he’s doing this, he simply says:

“Because your despair gives me life! Oh and don’t think I missed those twinkles in some of you guy’s eyes! Already planning on a murder before my weekly incentive? You warm my small black heart!” - Everyone tries to shrug off his comment but there is still an air of doubt and fear surrounding the group. Then the blonde woman speaks up.

- “Why am I here, I wasn’t part of this stupid show!” She asked.

Monobear said: “I’m a freak for even numbers, you just got the spot because you fill up the place Blaineley! Anyway, anymore questions? No…? Well, happy killing!”

- And with that, Monokuma disappears and everyone looks at one another with suspicion and a little bit of worry.

Thirty-Eight still remain!

Prologue End!

Meme here with news, since I write every chapter in a google docs the Daily days is already being written. The first victim and killer have been picked my me so for any blog for RD chapter 1(daily days, evidence, trial), you can vote for the chapter 2 victim! The killer's reveal hopefuly surprises you guys!

Go to Chapter 1: [1]

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