Synopsis: After the season finale of the Ridonculous Race the entire cast seems to have vanished from the public eye, almost an entire year has passed as RR barely kept relevance in today’s media. Of course that was until rumors of a second season began to surface, then IT happened. The biggest, most awful, tragic event in human history, followed by news of a television program hijacking air waves, displaying several talented students in a game of mutual killing.

After the game ended with it’s mastermind executed, it was thought that nothing like it would ever happen again.

Until now.

TD: Ridonculous Despair is a Crossover blog with the Danganronpa franchise, inspired by AltertheSilverBird’s own Total Drama/Danganronpa Blog(which I highly recommend!). Featuring all thirty-six Racers from the show. The way this blog will work is that all Daily Day events will be written in Bullet-point format with some minor exceptions, during the Daily Days period you guys reading this will vote in the comments for who you want in the POV of the chapter(the temporary main character if you will) and who you want them to interact with. You can also vote for the victim in the next chapter.

After the Daily days are the Deadly days period, where someone cracks under the pressure and murders a contestant that you all voted for or I chose. I will then give you guys a list of clues before moving on to the trial period. The trial will be written in script format, and you guys will be able to interact by giving your theories in the comments or voting for a witness or culprit. If you guys manage to vote the right killer before the final part of the trial then all contestants will live for the chapter. Fail to even get close, then someone that I pick will meet an unlikely end.

Chapter 1: Despair in the City

Emma’s POV

Day 1

- After Monokuma’s arrival Emma appoints herself as a leader, even though several contestants disapprove Noah and kitty stand up for her. Emma suggests everyone take refuge in the hotel so they can figure out how to get a message to the outside world. After some arguing everyone agrees to at least live in the hotel.

- Everyone makes themselves at home, and the sisters discover that the locked hotel rooms have been opened. Monokuma pops in again to explain that he has assigned everyone rooms. He tossed every team two Room cards which open the electronic locks of their respective doors. The following living arrangements are:

. The LARPers, the Tennis rivals, the Geniuses, the Vegans, the Fashion Bloggers, and Mother and Daughter teams live on the first floor.

. On the second floor are the Adversity Twins, the Stepbrothers, the Rockers, the Father and Son team, and Reality tv Pros.

. The Goths, the Daters, the Best friends, and the Sisters live on the third floor.

. The Surfer bros, the Cadets, the Ice Dancers, and Don and Blaineley live on the fourth floor.

- Emma tries to join everyone together but clashing personalities cause everyone to go their own way except for Noah, Owen, Kitty, the Surfer bros, and Best Friends. This leaves Emma disappointed but she tries to hide it.

- Emma walks around hotel aimlessly, and sees several people in the indoor pool. She asks Geoff where everyone got bathing suits and he says that a closet behind the hot tub has several of them. Emma investigates the are and sees a large chute for swimsuits and towels that travels to the basement.

- Emma finds several washing machines and an industrial dryer big enough for a person to fit in. Emma leaves uninterested in the pools or hot tubs.

- Emma notices Blaineley in the lounge by herself writing something in a red book with a black pen, Emma asks her what she’s doing and Blaineley tells her she’s writing her Autobiography and then shoos her away.

- Kitty suggests they should probably get rest, so after a while Emma gives in and calls it a night.

Day 2

- Emma is woken up by Kitty and proceeds to start her day. Almost everyone is downstairs in the hotel, though several others went out to the rest of the city.

- Emma realizes the main problem being trapped in the city will cause. There’s not enough food to last around 30 or so people without rationing to the point of 1/8ths of food for the group every day. Kitty is worried but tries to brighten the mood by saying that the city must have more food somewhere but this only makes it a priority for Emma to make a list of all food sources in the city.

- Realizing she has nothing to write with Emma goes to the small office behind the reception desk to see if there’s any writing materials to be found. But out of the blue, Emma sees that a mysterious safe has appeared.

- The safe has a 3-number combination and two clues have been provided. A sticky note with “_/_ _” written on it. And weirdly a rabbit’s foot keychain. Emma keeps the rabbit’s foot with her since it feels important in a way.

- Out of nowhere Monokuma pops up to tell her that every hotel room is equipped with a paper, envelopes, and pens in every room. When questioned about the safe he shrugs her off and tells her it’s a secret prize.

- Emma leaves and decides to check out the food mart, there she finds Miles wandering around. Emma asks her where Laurie is and she says she was looking all over the place for her. Emma shows her the rabbit’s foot and Miles proceeds to angrily call Emma a heathen before storming off.

- Emma walks around the city and sees Taylor leaving a shop of some kind with a white and Monochrome bag in her hands. Both bags have a Monokuma log on them. Taylor doesn’t want to talk to Emma but gives in for a moment to tell her that that “weird toy” has a gift shop.

- Emma investigates and Monokuma is sitting in what looks like a Chuck E Cheese prize corner. But instead of regular, overpriced toys there were all random miscellaneous items.

- Monokuma tells Emma that anyone who finds a Monocoin can spend it here in his Monoshop for any item. They can either pay up directly for something specific, or insert one coin into a slot machine that will randomly pick any item regardless of price for them to win.

- For being one of the first three visitors of the Monoshop, Emma receives 25 monocoins and a special Monoshop re-usable Monochrome colored bag. Monokuma laments that someone got the special bonus prize.

- Emma makes her way to the coffee shop, there she sees Tom and Jen having a conversation. They explain that they’re planning on using the camera shop’s supplies for a special occasion. But they won’t tell her what it is.

- Emma notices that the coffee machine has a Monochrome design and accepts Monocoins, when she questions Jen about after seeing her hold a monochrome cup the blogger explains how the machine works:

. By inserting a coin a screen lights up and then you press your thumbprint on it to get a special cup with the coffee. The cup has your name and the time it was made printed on it.

- Emma decides to check the fast food place before calling it a night. Surprisingly she finds Laurie trapped in the freezer. The walk-in freezer can only open from the outside and Laurie proceeds to rush out after being freed.

- After investigating the places where food would likely be found, Emma calls it a night.

Day 3

- Emma wakes up and proceeds to start her day but it appears that Kitty has ran off to somewhere else in the morning. Mildly worried, she decides to head out for the day.

- Emma looks around the park and finds Carrie there talking with the vegans, Carrie explains that she found a small shed in a corner of the park that holds gardening supplies.

- To pass time Carrie plans on taking up gardening with the help of the vegans, she also asks Emma if she wants to join like Kitty did. Emma declines and asks her where Kitty went and Emma says she went to the shed.

- Emma finds Kitty at the shed, Kitty is there trying to pick up several tools at once but drops them. The tools include a rake, some small shovels, a few garden forks, a garden hoe, and some larger shovels. Emma asks where they even got the seeds and Kitty tells her they got it from the Monoshop. Kitty then locks the garden shed with a rusty lock that needs a key that Kitty has to open.

- Emma decides to leave Kitty and the others to their gardening and takes a walk back to the hotel. She notices some flashing lights from the camera shop while on the path towards the hotel.

- Emma finds Tom and Jen taking photos with the props found in the backroom, Emma asks why they’re doing this and they say they want to make sure they have enough good pictures to make up all the time they’ve been off their blogs.

- Emma leaves and sees almost everyone outside of the hotel, she notices that they’re all staring at something and she looks up to see a something on the roof.

- Monokuma jumps off the roof with a parachute to tell everyone that the roof has been opened up. The roof has a tennis court, and a patio for no particular reason.

- Emma tries to get up to her room but comes across Mickey and Jay at the bottom of the stairs. Emma feels that Mickey is extremely injured but Jay says that he's fine, he simply fell down the stairs. But it turns out the final step cracked his worn down helmet in two.

- Emma is tired and decides to stay in her room for the rest of the day and then sleep.

Day 4

- Emma wakes up and decides to check out the roof of the hotel more thoroughly. The lounge has a few tables with umbrellas, several lawn chairs, and a pool table. She notices the Tennis Rivals playing in the roof’s court.

- Before she gets ready to leave, Gerry falls over suddenly. Emma rushes over and both he and Pete brush her off saying they’re a bit rusty in their playing. Emma tells them that they’re probably too old to play the sport this much but they ignore her.

- Emma leaves them be for the moment and makes her way downstairs. She comes across the Twins discussing something, she doesn’t stay long but overhears them talking about “not having enough coins”.

- Emma makes her way to the park to see what Kitty is up to and on her way there she passes the camera shop. She notices that Tom and Jen are taking photos in front of the shop window, but the camera they’re using seems to be automatic.

- Kitty, Carrie, and the vegans are successful in planting some seeds in a corner of the park. Though Kitty has trouble with the garden forks. After the garden Emma notices that the heat in the city has been increasing. Carrie guesses that the climate’s changing.

- Emma notices Monokuma in the distance, hiding behind the fountain. When she goes over to confront him he suddenly disappears.

- An announcement rings out the city:

Monokuma: “Attention bastards! Due to the fact none of you have taken up on my offer for freedom I feel you all need a little more motivation! Come to the town square in twenty minutes for a BIG announcement!”

- Everyone gathers in the Town square in front of a giant statue of Monokuma, which appears to be what was under the large tarp before. Monokuma pops up on top of the large statue to address everyone. He decided to give everyone a motive to kill.

- Monokuma’s motive is Possessions, he says he’ll gather an important item from everyone in the city and will destroy it in two days if no one kills, he also says he’ll return the items only after a murder has occurred. To prove his point Monokuma Monokuma takes one of Noah’s books and burns it in front of everyone.

- After the announcement Monokuma puts all the possessions he gathered into a cage being held by the Monokuma statue as a reminder. Everyone argues that nobody would kill just for something they own. But some contestants don’t sound as genuine as others.

- After the motive Emma walks back to the hotel, but before entering she notices one of the twins from afar leaving the Monoshop looking dejected.

- Emma heads up to the roof one more time due to hearing some commotion up there. She finds Gerry and Pete arguing before Gerry promptly leaves in a huff. Emma asks Pete what happened between the two and Pete says Gerry just got frustrated due to losing several times at tennis. He says the final straw for Gerry was the last match when he had to catch his breath and missed the ball.

- Emma decides to call it a day.

Day 5

- Emma gets up for the day and makes her out of the hotel, she visits the town square and notices Noah there. She talks to him and he tells her that someone probably kill to save their item. Emma asks how he knows and Noah points to the cage.

- The cage holds several things like Gold medals, an ocarina, a fez, some trophies, accessories, an assortment of photos, and more. Emma convinces herself that no one would do it just because of this one motive.

- Emma decides to head to the park, but during her walk she notices that day was so hot it could make anyone outside sweat.

- At the park Emma notices that only Carrie and Kitty are there, Carrie says that Laurie didn’t show up today and miles went to look for her. Emma warns the two that it might get dangerously hot in the morning but they continue their work. Kitty gets up to get something from the shed, leaving behind her garden fork.

- Emma goes to the coffee shop and sees the cadets, they’re apparently just having a cup of joe. She has a conversation with them about the safety of the group but MacArthur promises that no one is gonna kill on her watch.

- Emma wanders around town, noticing Gerry leaving the fast food place in a hurry. She decided to check out the restaurant and found Laurie there eating something with meat in it. Emma asks her why she’s hiding and Laurie admits that she still eats meat and wants to hide that fact from Miles. She makes Emma promise not to tell Miles about her discovery.

- Emma asks her about Gerry and she says that he ran in and then ran out, she was busy hiding to notice what he did or didn’t do.

- Emma comes back to the hotel and finds Don and Blaineley arguing. She hears them yelling about who left their room door open. Blaineley stormed off and Emma asked Don about what they were arguing about. Don says that someone went into their room and took most of their Monocoins, Don doesn’t get why Blaineley’s mad since she has tons of them.

- Making her way to her room she finds Pete in the lounge. He isn’t up for a conversation but grumbles something about Gerry and how much of a...colorful word he is.

- Emma decides to just spend some time in her room. She then calls it a night.

Day 6

- Emma wakes up later than usual and decides to head downstairs for breakfast. She finds most of the contestants there in the cafeteria or lounge. But she had a nagging feeling that some people were missing. She then notices that Kitty isn’t there but some of the gardeners are.

- She sees Carrie and asks her about Kitty’s whereabouts, she says that Kitty went to the park for a head start. Emma heads out to check on her. On her way there she notices that the heat has gotten so bad just a few minutes outside has her sweating.

- She reaches the park and calls out to Kitty, and as she went there she saw it…

Musical Cue: [1]

Floating in the fountain, bleeding heavily from multiple lacerations on his chest. The other half of the Tennis Rivals, Gerry, was dead.

Monokuma: “Ding Dong! Bing Bong! A body has been discovered! Please report to the local park for a brief period of investigation! After which, we will hold our very first City Trial!”

- Emma barely registered the announcement, because even as far as she from it, Emma saw it.

Music Cue: [2]

There she was, sprawled onto the grass near the gardening shed. Bleeding from her head was Kitty, Emma’s sister.

Chapter 1: Despair in the City - Daily Days - End

Did that really happen? I guess you guys will just have to wait for the investigation to know everyone's fate. This will be fun! Also the safe puzzle is open for any of you guys to answer, and if one of you guys can answer it before the chapter's up then the prize goes to our POV character. If no one can solve it then someone else will get it. Good luck, leave your votes for chapter 2's victim and your theories on how this chapter played out.

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