Investigation Start!

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- Emma begins to freak out about Kitty’s body as everyone rushes over to the park. Everyone is shocked at Gerry’s corpse and Emma holding onto a bleeding Kitty. Monokuma pops up to explain the investigation portion of the mutual killing but keeps getting interrupted by Emma’s crying.

- Monokuma gets fed up and tells everyone that Kitty is still alive. This surprises everyone but Emma is relieved. She however wants to get Kitty help for her head injury.

- Monokuma says that he’ll patch her up if everyone shuts up for his explanation.

Monokuma: “Now with Good Old Gerry Dead you bastards gotta investigate for clues on how and why he died! The killer doesn’t just kill and get away scot free ya’ know? They gotta fool everyone at the City Trial! If they can survive the city mass vote for the culprit they will be given freedom from the city, but if they receive the most votes they will be punished for their crimes! Now get to investigating!”

- After his spiel he and a clone of himself carried Kitty off in a gurney, dumping several files on the ground before hand. Emma feels like what happened to her sister is related to Gerry’s murder so she vows to solve the murder and catch the culprit.

Investigation Start!

Emma begins investigating the park, finding several clues including random facts about the location. The cadets take charge of gathering alibis and the Geniuses, even though their main subjects are Chemistry and Physics, use their limited medical knowledge to check the body further.

Emma also has a brief conversation with Monokuma about the body discovery announcement and how it works.

Emma decides to check out some people who weren’t in the hotel’s cafeteria or lounge, mostly using the testimonies of certain people. Each person provided an alibi but Emma had some doubts that all of them were true. The investigation leads to the discovery of things Emma didn’t even know about the city.

After visiting a few more locations, a message was heard around the city. Monokuma called for the end of the investigation and ordered everyone to come to the town square. There he led everyone to the government building that’s been locked before.

Everyone entered and Monokuma showed off a shiny statue of himself dressed as Lady Justice. He flipped a coin into one of it’s scales and the statue moved itself away to reveal a secret elevator. Everyone filed into the elevator for the first City trial.

Truth Arrows

Mono-File #1[2]: Let's hope there won't be a #2. An autopsy report written by Monokuma to help us in the trial. It contains the following:

The Victim is Gerry. Gerry's body was found in the Local Park's Fountain. He received three similar stab wounds to the chest, and three similar slash marks as well. The victim's nose is also broken. The stab wounds each occurred at the same time, as were the slash marks.

Cause of Death is Exsanguination. Time of death is 8:12 AM.

Cadet's Interrogations: Every alibi Emma heard were the same ones the Cadets heard. Sanders also wrote down the alibis as well.

Geniuses Testimony: The stab wounds in Gerry are perfect holes, as thick as a #2 pencil. The slash marks have the same width but it's unclear how deep they are. The holes are in a neat row as well.

Broken Nose: MacArthur notes that Gerry's nose was broken inwards, and it was likely caused by a face-front hit. She says if it was a normal punch his nose would be crooked in a certain direction.

Gerry's Clothes: The geniuses found that Gerry’s shorts have grass stains on the back trailing to the end of the leg openings, and his shoes have fresh dirt under them. And oddly enough his sweat band is missing

Blood in water: If Gerry bled out in the water there should be more in it than there is already.

Water level in fountain: The water level in the fountain is lower than usual.

Status of Garden: The garden looks recently tended to, there are three small holes in the ground. Maybe something is missing?

Clean Tools: The garden forks, small shovels, and the large shovel all look incredibly clean. The Garden hoe seems incredibly dirty compared to them.

Large Shovel: The large shovel has a small dent in it for some reason.

Shed's Lock: The rusty old lock was not tampered with, in fact it was locked when the investigation began. The key couldn't be found anywhere.

Gardening Shed's Door: The door is incredibly heavy for some reason? It will close by itself unless held open, the wood of the door is so rigid it would probably leave splinters in whatever touched it.

Rusty nail: A single nail find next to the shed, it seems bent in separate directions as if struck twice.

Holes in Shed: Two small holes in the outside and inside of shed. The interior hole was in the back wall, the outer one was in the side of the shed.

Piece of plastic: A rectangular, small, Clear plastic thing found outside next to the shed.

Tennis Ball: A tennis ball found in the grass far away from garden and fountain.

Pipe Shed: A shed containing pipes connected to the fountain, everything seems to be in order. The shed’s door was left open, and I had to supply some force to close it properly.

Fashion Bloggers Testimonies: They say they went out to take photos all morning, they even have photos of themselves facing the shop's front window as proof.

Mickey's Testimony: He mentions that he got sick and went upstairs for a while. Jay says that Mickey really is sick but that still doesn't explain why he wasn't in the ground floor all morning.

Blaineley's Testimony: She says that Don, the Stepbrothers, Taylor, Kelly, Junior, and Jay were in the lounge for a for most of the time before Emma woke up. She also says that Don, the rockers, the Geniuses, the Relative teams(Dwayne, Junior, Kelly, and Taylor), the cadets, the Reality tv pros, Pete, and Jay were in the cafeteria all morning around 8 AM.

Coffee Cup: A coffee cup found near the entrance of the park, it was dropped on the ground and has Kitty's name on it.

Body Discovery Announcement: When Emma found the body the announcement rang, but Monokuma says that the announcement is made whenever three innocent people see the body.

Monoshop Bag: Found in a dumpster behind the hotel, there is an alley that gives access to a back door of the hotel. The Monoshop bag was a common variety, and held a wet felt rag with a strong chemical-like smell to it. Emma found a little bit of blood inside of it.

Hotel Back Door: There was apparently a back door to the hotel Emma didn't even know about. It leads to a hallway far away from any place people are normally at and has an electronic lock like the room doors do. The lock also accepts room cards, but will record al cards that have been used. Tomorrow are all the recorded uses of the door, after Geoff showed her how it works:




Pete's Testimony: Pete mentions that he found a pair of binoculars on the roof, he even used them and found out they can overlook most city.

Pink Shirt: A pink shirt found in a dryer, how odd?

WOW! That's a lot of evidence, but maybe you guys can make sense of it? I hope you guys like the mystery I made for you guys, the trial will hopefully come soon enough so see you next time! - Bears&Meme

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