Synopsis: After the season finale of the Ridonculous Race the entire cast seems to have vanished from the public eye, almost an entire year has passed as RR barely kept relevance in today’s media. Of course that was until rumors of a second season began to surface, then IT happened. The biggest, most awful, tragic event in human history, followed by news of a television program hijacking air waves, displaying several talented students in a game of mutual killing.

After the game ended with it’s mastermind executed, it was thought that nothing like it would ever happen again.

Until now.

Welcome to the trial segment of the blog, this will be written in script style, and this is how it'll work.

Character's Name:[Anything in between these bars will be an action a character takes, such as pointing their finger or looking scared.] "What they say."

Main Character: "Any bold words after the character's name is their thoughts."

The Hangman's gambit will be a scrambled word puzzle that you can solve in a few seconds. Example.



Answer: MURDER

In Non-Stop Debates, everyone debates. Words that are bold are flimsy and a truth arrow can be used on them. If the words are ONLY bold, they can be disagreed with. If the words are bold and Underlined they can be agreed with. If words are bold and in italics they can be used instead of truth arrows to disagree or agree with other bolded words.

Emma’s POV

- The elevator descended and everyone finally reached the trial room, which was decorated to look like a regal court. Monokuma assigned everyone stands, which were 19 in total. Though there was a throne in the middle of two stands, where Monokuma proceeded to lounge on. Two people shared one stand, “Because of teamwork” as the bear said.

- Every person in each stand were a team in tdrr, and the only differences were that Emma was alone and next to Pete was a portrait on a pole.

- The portrait was a photo of Gerry, but in red “paint” there were two inter-locking Tennis rackets in front of his face. The portrait was as tall as Gerry.

- Monokuma then spoke.

Monokuma:[Facing everyone with their arms up] “Alright you bastards, we’ll begin this trial with a simple explanation of the rules. One of you snuffed out Old man Gerry’s life, and now the guilty party will have to fight against the rest of the cast in a City Trial. The innocent mob will use any evidence they have found debate and pick a culprit, and then a mass vote will be held. If the the majority votes for the guilty, they will be punished for their crimes. But if they vote for an innocent civilian, everyone but the true culprit will be punished. Got it?”

Monokuma: [Giving an ironic blush] “Then let’s get the party started!”

City Trial 1

Case 1: Gerry

Everyone[In still silence]: “…”

Junior[Awkward stillness]: “So like...what do we talk about?”

Noah[Thoughtful pose]: “Obviously our main objective is to find that Gerry guy’s killer, but where exactly do we start.

Stephanie[Sideways glance]: “Hey, aren’t those two cadets trained for something like this?”

Sanders[Neutral expression]: “’We’re both cadets, not trained detectives. There’s a difference you know?”

MacArthur[Pounding fist into palm]: “Yeah! More action out on the field than behind the scenes using science and other nerd stuff to solve cases!“

Ellody[Raising up index finger]: “If I may interrupt, I believe the Monochrome colored ursine gave us a valid starting point.”

Emma[Thoughtful, then in sudden realization]: “Oh yeah! Those Mono-files right, they gave us a bunch of info on what happened to Gerry!”

Mary[Adjusting glasses, eyes closed]: “Good thing too, even the most intelligent of this group would have trouble with opening up a body.”

Taylor[Disgusted look]: “Oh ew! Don’t mention that again weirdo!”

Kelly[Strained smile]: “Now Taylor it was just one comment, don’t overwork yourself or you might get eye wrinkles!”

Dwayne[Holding a struggling Junior close]: “Now I don’t know the rest of you guys, but I’m not comfortable with talking about this accident in front of Junior. Kid shouldn’t even need to know this stuff at his age.”

Junior[Struggling in Dwayne’s grasp]: “Dad you’re holding me too tight! And I already saw the body, it’s not like talking about it will regain my ‘lost childhood’ or whatever.”

Lorenzo[Groaning]: “Ugh, let’s just talk about the stupid file already I don’t wanna be in here all day!”

Ellody[Adjusting Glasses, holding up Mono-file]: “Very well, shall we?”

Emma: Guess it’s time, there’s no going back now! I have to make sure no one suffers because of this killer again!

Non-Stop Debate START!

Truth Arrows: Blood in Water, Clean Tools, Mono-File #1

Chet[Impatient, arms crossed]: “Just tell us what the file says already!”

Ellody[Skimming Mono-File]: “Fine, it says here that Gerry died at the park-”

Josee[Frustrated look]: “Of course we did we saw his body!”

Ellody[Annoyed look]: “...And the time of death is 8:12 AM.”

Carrie[Covers mouth with fist, uncertain look] “So he died early this morning?”

MacArthur[Pointing angrily]: “Well duh, that’s the only time he could’ve died without us noticing!”

Mary[Looking over Ellody’s shoulder]: “We should also mention, the file says that he had three stab wounds in the chest alongside three slash wounds.”

Devin[Puzzled look]: “Oh the stab wounds might have killed him instantly...”

Emma: Something someone said doesn’t seem to make sense in this situation…

Arrow: Mono-File #1 → ...killed him instantly.

Emma[Pointing accusingly]: “EXCUSE ME, BUT THAT’S WRONG!”


Emma[Pointing at Devin]: “Devin that’s wrong, the Mono-file says Gerry died of Exsanguination.”

Junior[Puzzled look]: “Um...what?”

Mary[Knowledgeable look]: “He bled out until his blood loss killed him.”

Emma[Arms crossed]: “So it’s safe to assume that Gerry took at least a minute or two to die.”

Josee[Impatient look]: “Yes, yes. The old man bled out but what does have to do with anything?”

Jacques[Nose up]: “Josee is correct, what does this have to do with our dilemma?”

Ellody[Looking away, cleaning her glasses]: “It’s simply one thing bothering me, especially with the status of the body as we found him.”

Emma: Status of the body? I wonder if there was something wrong with how we found Gerry that’s also related to his cause of death? Maybe it was…?

(How many weapons we found/How many bodies we found/How much blood we found)

Answer: How much blood we found.

Emma[Shouting out]: “I know what this means! Are you talking about the blood around Gerry?”

Rock[Confused look]: “Um...sorry I don’t get it, what’s wrong with the blood around him?”

Emma[Thinking] “If Gerry did bleed out, you would expect there to be a lot of blood in the crime scene right? But when we found him there was almost little to no blood in the fountain, where we found him!”

MacArthur[Surprised look]: “Wait really? Man, I should look around more cuz I didn’t even notice!”

Blaineley[Bored look]: “Ignoring the clueless cop’s input, if you think there should’ve been more blood why not tell us why we didn’t find any more than what was in the fountain.”

Emma[Thinking hard]: “…”

Stephanie[Unimpressed look]: “Come on now! Don’t tell me you got nothing?!”

Crimson[Blank look]: “Not to cause a ruckus, but how does the fountain work?”

Pete[Disbelieving look]: “Now what the hell is that supposed to me?”

Emma: How does it work…? Wait, I got it!

Emma[Revelation]: “I see! Now that’s what was used!”

Don[Uncomfortable look]: “Well tell us already! I don’t want to stay down here forever!”

Emma: The one thing that comes to mind is this!




Emma[Shouting out]: “I got it! While looking around the park I found a shed with loads of pipes in it!”

Noah[Pensive look]: “I see, so was this shed connected to the fountain?”

Owen[Curious look]: “Well pipes hold water sometimes right?”

Emma[Determined look]: “So we can guess how the killer dealt with all that blood in the water!”

Emma[Proud look]: “They simply drained most of the bloody water out! It’s actually really simple-”

Noah[Shouting out]: “Sorry to interrupt!”

Cross-Swords Battle START!

Truth Arrows: Blood in water, Water level in Fountain, Geniuses Testimony

Emma[Surprised]: “Wait what’s wrong?”

Noah[Calm look]: “Yeah...I have to admit you need some solid evidence to prove what you said.”

Emma[Confused look]: “But it already makes sense doesn’t it?”

Noah[Sideways glance]: “In theory yes, but I propose another argument.”


Noah: “You’re saying that your theory is the only thing that makes sense...”

Noah: “...But I you’re argument needs a stronger foundation!”

Noah: “It could have very well happened...”

Noah: “And I’m putting emphasis on ‘could have’.”

Noah: “No hard feelings but this is the first time I even heard about a shed like that.”

Emma: “I see what you’re getting at and trust me I have an idea on how to prove it!”

Noah: “Okay, tell me...”

Noah: “What is your proof that the pipe shed was used to empty the fountain?”

Noah: “Unless you don’t have it of course.”


Arrow: Water level in Fountain → “You don’t have it”


Emma[Knowledgeable look]: “Tell me, by looking into the water of the fountain does anything look off to you?”

Carrie[Covers mouth in surprise]: “Oh wow, there’s a whole lot less of it in the pool.”

Noah[Smirking]: “Because it’s been recently emptied. I knew you had it in you.”

Emma[Frowning]: “You only argued with me to just...agree with me?”

Noah[Looking into book]: “Better to have things cleared up before someone starts asking stupid questions.”

That was not a good a good excuse, but ignoring that at least we answered one question. To bad we still have several more.

Jen[Sipping latte]: “Okay, we still have no idea who killed him.”

Tom[Shrugging]: “She’s right, we can’t get caught up by such small details.”

Miles[Anxious]: “Well what do we talk about now?”

Junior[Speaking up]: “Oh! How about the weapon?:

Laurie[Biting Lip]: “Weapon? Did we even find a weapon of any sort at the crime scene?”

Ryan[Crossing arms, has one eyebrow raised]: “Man we don’t even have a clue what the weapon is? How are gonna solve this then?”

Tammy[Throwing glitter into the air]: “Oh! Oh! Why don’t we do another one of those debate thingies?”

Spud[Confused]: “Wha-”

Non-Stop Debate START!

Truth Arrows: Large Shovel, Tennis Ball, Clean Tools

Blaineley[Checking her nails]: “Obviously we’re looking for something sharp.”

Noah[Quizzical look]: “And has to have a thin, cylindrical shape to cause those holes in Gerry.”

Devin[Confused look]: “I don’t think we found anything like that at the crime scene...”

Leonard[Triumphant look]: “The fiend could’ve cast a vanish spell upon the instrument!”

Mary[Doubtful look]: “Or the killer could’ve simply destroyed it?”

Rock[Interested look]: “Wouldn’t the weapon be bloody and stuff?”

Kelly[Offhandedly]: “Wouldn’t they have just washed it off in the fountain?”

Tammy[Cheerfully]: “Vanish dilemma!”

Emma: Someone’s idea seems to explain something that’s been nagging in the back of my mind.

Arrow: Clean tools → ...washed it off.

Emma[Shouting her affirmation]: “You got it!”


Emma[Pensive look]: “I checked out the gardening shed, and I noticed something peculiar about the tools.”

Pete[Scratching head]: “And...?”

Emma[Determined look]: “For tools that are used everyday they were surprisingly clean.”

Emma[Raising up index finger]: “Almost as if it’s been washed!”

Kelly[Surprised look]: “Oh! So I got it right?”

Taylor[Annoyed look]: “God, don’t make it such a big deal mom you just got a lucky guess.”

Emma[Frown]: “Regardless of that, looking at the tools I think I can guess what was used to kill Gerry!”

Dwayne[Awkward look]: “Oh? That fast...”

MacArthur[Impatient look]: “Well? Tell us!”

Emma: It can only be one of these things!

(Small Shovel/Garden Fork/Large Shovel)

Answer: Garden Fork

Emma[Shouting out]: “I know what this means! It was a garden fork!”

Ellody[Thoughtful look]: “Hmm...I think it would match the wounds we found on the body.”

Stephanie[Quirks eyebrow]: “But is there any way of proving it?”

Emma: “Yes, because of these two things!”


Which two pieces of evidence support your case?

A. Monofile #1

B. Cadet’s Testimony

C. Large Shovel

D. Geniuses’ Testimony

Answer: A & D

Emma[Triumphant look]: “Here’s how! There’s a part of the Monofile you guys should take note of!”

Don[Reading file]: “...’The stab wounds each occurred at the same time, as were the slash marks’.”

Carrie[Surprised look]: “Oh I see! The fork has three prongs, so if someone stabbed Gerry with it would make three wounds at the same time!”

Emma[Calm look]: “And if you have any doubts, Ellody and Mary checked the wounds and I bet a Garden fork would 100% make them.”

Ellody[Adjusting glasses]: “I see no reason to disagree.”

Junior[Catching up]: “So we got it settled does this tell us anything about the killer?”

Laurie[Thoughtful look]: “ does!”

Laurie[Pointing accusingly]: “Emma was the shed locked when you investigated?”

Emma[Quirks an eyebrow]: “Yes? What does that have to do with anything?”

Laurie[Triumphant look]: “It has to do with everything! I know who killed Gerry and I’m ready to accuse them right now!”

Chet[Pumped up look]: “Finally this trial’s been taking forever!”

Miles[Anxious look]: “Well tell us Laurie who is it?”

Laurie[Pointing accusingly]: “Monokuma bring Kitty into the courtroom at once because I know she’s the one who killed Gerry!”

Emma: “...”

Emma: Wait. WHAT!?

To be continued...

The trial's first part has come after a year! Sorry for keeping you guys waiting but I hope you're getting excited! Leave criticism and comments down in the comments and tell me who would you like to see die in chapter 2?

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