Let the record show that this is NOT an official action, this is ONLY a formulating idea.

Hello to the Total Drama Wiki.

If the title of this blog didn't give it away, I have a proposal to make concerning this wiki. This idea has been in my mind for about 2 weeks. I haven't given it much thought, but I also haven't thought of too many cons or negative reasons not to do this... so, I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least voice the suggestion to the public.

Over the while (for weeks now), I've noticed a moderate amount of controversy towards certain titles of pages here on this wiki. Lately, we all have, of course, been going by what the admins think is the best, concerning names of pages. The pages I have in question are all pages that have the ending of Relationship, Friendship, Conflict and/or Attraction.

I'm sure we can all face the fact that some interactions between two and/or three characters may change over the course of a season or seasons. These interaction changes have and, in the future seasons, probably will still cause controversy.

Examples of such pages include:

  • Courtney-Duncan Relationship
  • Harold-LeShawna Attraction
  • Cody-Noah Friendship
  • Courtney-Gwen Conflict
  • EDIT: Everyone-Owen Friendship

These are not the only pages, however, they are some of which pages whose characters being talked about have had interaction changes throughout the series.

To remedy the controversy the wiki has over this and for future episodes and seasons to come, I propose we do a little changing to the pages that have these ending extensions. Basically, I propose we change all these types of pages to something along these lines:

  • Courtney-Duncan Relationship to Courtney & Duncan
  • Harold-LeShawna Attraction to Harold & LeShawna
  • Cody-Noah Friendship to Cody & Noah
  • DJ-Duncan-Geoff Friendship to DJ, Duncan, & Geoff
    • EDIT: DJ-Duncan-Geoff Friendship to DJ & Duncan, DJ & Geoff, and Duncan & Geoff
  • Courtney-Gwen Conflict to Courtney & Gwen
  • EDIT: Everyone-Owen Friendship to Owen & Everyone or Everyone & Owen

Of course, this is all my opinion. I believe if pages are changed to this style, less problems will occur, the amount of times a page has to be moved would be shortened, and things would be easier to understand. (Let the record show that the ampersands I have listed above can be interchanged with the word "and" to protect the unwritten laws of marriage sanctity, since the ampersands make it look like the two characters are married.)

Questions you may be asking yourself could include:

Question: What if users get confused on how the characters interact with each other mainly when reading the pages with these possible new titles?
My Answer: Granted, removing the ending extensions may confuse users about what they are majorally going to be reading about. However, I believe the confusion could easily be resolved with the "Overview" or "Summary" sections of the pages in question. I think this reason is what those sections are genuinely for.

Question: How would we know which person to put first?
My Answer: This has never been a problem before since we now have guidelines to determine which character's name goes first. If we were to move all of these pages, I would think it's best that we just leave the order as it is. If the order of the page is wrong, I would refer to the guidelines we've always gone by.

Question: What will we do with the "Episodes For" and "Episodes Against" sections?
My Answer: Well... to be completely honest, I didn't think that part through. Not perfect. But... Assumptions would tell me that we would trash the "Episodes For" and "Episodes Against" sections since it would get tedious to switch/change which information goes on the "Episodes For" area and which goes in the "Against" one. Honestly, again, I would suggest to change all the pages to look like what the Courtney-Duncan Relationship page looks like right now. It has no "Episodes For" and "Episodes Against" section, and it's doing great. I would leave it to the "Overview" sections to tell readers what current state the interaction is in and have everything they've been through following it. All in all, I would trash the "Episodes For" and "Episodes Against" sections and make all the pages look similar to the C-D Page.

To summarize, I think we should change all Interaction titles to titles that follow the format of [Person] & [Person] or [Person], [Person], & [Person] and leave the current state of interactions between the characters to the "Overview" and "Summary" sections of the articles.

This concludes my proposal. This blog was only made to get the opinions of my fellow wiki users. If you have read all of this, I really urge you to comment on this blog with your opinion and what you think about this idea. Admins, users, all of you. If you have any questions, leave them in a comment also, and I'll edit the blog with them in it along with my personal answer. Thank you for reading.

~ Bbhinton15 talks, edits, & counts!

Let the record show that this is NOT an official action, this is ONLY a formulating idea.

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