Parody Of: What's Not to Love?

I came up with the idea to parody What's Not to Love. Go Total Drama Wiki!!




What's not to love about Total Drama Wiki?
The users edit like TD Ditty!

Edit counts are high!
Other wikis cry!
What's not to love about TD!?
The images are clearer!
The facts are truer!
The pages are longer!
Vandal counts are fewer!
The staff and design make every page shine!
What's not to love about TD!? *deletes an article* Oops!

The admins and the rollbacks.
Stop vandals in their tracks!
It's crazy 'cause the editing never stoooooooooooooops!
... For the love of edits, gosh!!
New episodes and the edit conflicts!
Trivia points while Fedora predicts!
TDW's hot, 'cause no one's got what we got!
What's not to love!?

What's not to love!?
What's not to looooo-oooooooooove about TD!?

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