Parody of: Baby

Again, this one may get a little gross, but, hey, you should still like it! Another solo for me (pretty much). Enjoy!


You might think you smell like spring,
But, girl, I gotta tell you something.
I'm 'bout to startin holdin' my nose,
You givin' me that smelly dose:
I have some commands for you:
Take some time to wash up.
You really smell... like poo.
Cause, dang!
I just gotta know...

How'd you get so freakin'...
Seriously, you're really reekin'!

Your stink lines are really makin' me choke.
I begin to wonder if you've ever used soap!
(Stanky, Stanky)
You're scaring me with your disgusting stench.
(Stanky, Stanky)
5 minutes of washing, it'll be a cinch!
(Stanky, Stanky)
I. Can't. Hardly. Even. Smell. A. Thing.
(Stanky, Stanky)

'Cause, when you walk downtown, everybody's gonna be thinkin':
STANKY! *beatboxes* Ew! *beatboxes*

(Uh, you think we might need some disinfectant out here!?)
(Ew, get away from me! *faints from odor*)

Why are you acting like a sociopath?
All you need to do is just take a bath.
I swear, you're changing my entire attitude.
With all your stanky odors,
Showers = Gratitude.

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