Hey guys! So, today, June Second 2015, marks the second full year of me being on the one and only, Total Drama Wiki. Let me just say this place is amazing, and it has defiantly made these past two years more enjoyable. I love this place, and while there might have been times when I was not very active, I am pretty sure I at least looked at the activity feed once every day, may it be a day I was bored out of mind and stalking it or I just passed it while looking through all the tabs on my phone.

This time, compared to last year, I defiantly feel more apart of the wiki. I know a lot more people, and I would say I have more friends. I have also done a loooot more. Lets compare to last years blog:

  1. "Made 1,213 edits." I now have 2,600. Around doubled it, making around 100 a month.
  2. "Made 176 mainspace edits." Wow this went up, I now have 708. Thankyou MainSpace Race!
  3. "Won one Captain Crunch, and it was the very last one." This ended like a year ago (dosn't feel like it) so that number is still the same.
  4. "Making this bullet because 4 is my favorite number and I really haven't done a lot to make anymore then 3." 4 still is my favorite number! However, I feel I have more stuff to add...
  1. I was the Runner up of "MainSpace Race"! A wonderful game hosted by CD.
  2. Met a great amount of people and made more friends!

So yep. Two years-woooooow. Now, today I was gonna try to spend more time here, however tonight I have to be somewhere for a stupid club, and my Spanish EOC is tomorrow and I can barley speak Spanish! So yeah, thanks! Batman TDI 20:16, June 2, 2015 (UTC)

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