Hey guys! What's up? So as many of you can tell, this wiki is in the dreaded in-between season state, and a lot of other stuff is happening. We are also in a wiki transition where the first big change in admins since who knows when, because in the two years I have been here the only admin change was with N3. Also, the new series was pushed back....... which completely ruins the hype that this summer had for this wiki. To be honest, I'm most excited for the new activities, because while I love Wiki Wars, it is not like Caption Crunch where you can really do stuff with it throughout the week. But as it is clearly seen by how some blogs can get a wiki reunion from you guys, I think we can easily get this place back up. Because lets not forget, while in-between seasons may always be worse then normal, this is just bad.

So my question for you guys is, is there anything fun you guys want to do? Not necessarily an activity, but like a blog series, mainspace editing challenge type thing, etc... For blog series that we can just do whatever discussion type stuff, editing one is not like Mainspace Race, more like a head to head who can make most mainspace edits. Idk, I feel maybe stuff like that can be fun. What do you guys think?

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