So I was looking at the day I joined this wiki out of complete boredom, and I realized I have been here for a whole year....... plus seven days. So I'm a little late, okay a week late, but I still felt like making a blog because I have literately not made one sense last July, and it was a pretty awful blog if I do say so myself. So yeah, let me go over some amazing things about me that you all probably don't wanna here. I am 13 years old (shocker) and I am turning 14 in 18 days (yay!). My favorite color is orange, which you can probably tell from my user page. So yeah, lets go over what I have done on this fabulous wiki.

  • Made 1,213 edits.
  • Made 176 mainspace edits.
  • Won one Captain Crunch, and it was the very last one.
  • Making this bullet because 4 is my favorite number and I really haven't done a lot to make anymore then 3.

Oh, and I also meet some pretty cool people. So yay, been here for a year and some, just incase you didn't get that from my first part and tittle. Welp, that's all I got to say! wow making blogs isn't as hard as it looks like!

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