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  • BatmanTDI

    RR Locations

    June 13, 2015 by BatmanTDI

    Hey guys! So, with the leak of the first episode of RR, we got to see the theme song. And in the theme song, there is the map above. As many of you could probably tell, the spots on it are the spots RR will be visiting. Here they are labeled:

    Well, there are 9 there, and 11 left. So, while these locations will all be released, lets just try to guess what they are.

    The location just above Paris looks like it could be Norway or Sweden. Personally, I do think that both of these places can be fun, but I want it to be Norway. This may be likely as TDWT went to Sweden, however it also went to Paris.

    The Location below the USA is most likely Mexico. This seems nice, as I always disliked how the Amazing Race almost always stay on the Eastern Hemisphe…

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  • BatmanTDI

    Hey guys! So, today, June Second 2015, marks the second full year of me being on the one and only, Total Drama Wiki. Let me just say this place is amazing, and it has defiantly made these past two years more enjoyable. I love this place, and while there might have been times when I was not very active, I am pretty sure I at least looked at the activity feed once every day, may it be a day I was bored out of mind and stalking it or I just passed it while looking through all the tabs on my phone.

    This time, compared to last year, I defiantly feel more apart of the wiki. I know a lot more people, and I would say I have more friends. I have also done a loooot more. Lets compare to last years blog:

    1. "Made 1,213 edits." I now have 2,600. Around doub…
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  • BatmanTDI

    Hey guys! What's up? So as many of you can tell, this wiki is in the dreaded in-between season state, and a lot of other stuff is happening. We are also in a wiki transition where the first big change in admins since who knows when, because in the two years I have been here the only admin change was with N3. Also, the new series was pushed back....... which completely ruins the hype that this summer had for this wiki. To be honest, I'm most excited for the new activities, because while I love Wiki Wars, it is not like Caption Crunch where you can really do stuff with it throughout the week. But as it is clearly seen by how some blogs can get a wiki reunion from you guys, I think we can easily get this place back up. Because lets not forget…

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  • BatmanTDI

    A Year Plus Some

    June 9, 2014 by BatmanTDI

    So I was looking at the day I joined this wiki out of complete boredom, and I realized I have been here for a whole year....... plus seven days. So I'm a little late, okay a week late, but I still felt like making a blog because I have literately not made one sense last July, and it was a pretty awful blog if I do say so myself. So yeah, let me go over some amazing things about me that you all probably don't wanna here. I am 13 years old (shocker) and I am turning 14 in 18 days (yay!). My favorite color is orange, which you can probably tell from my user page. So yeah, lets go over what I have done on this fabulous wiki.

    • Made 1,213 edits.
    • Made 176 mainspace edits.
    • Won one Captain Crunch, and it was the very last one.
    • Making this bullet because…
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