As few days ago that the eleventh episode aired on CN, this season is going to be finished next week. From the premiere to now, some people enjoyed the season and some were upset of it. However, it seems this season could be one of the mixed-reviewed seasons of the series. I can say 3 reasons for this question:

1- Lack of anything

This season seems have lack of anything, and even ruined some of the good things that this season was going to have. 

Lack of Character Development

One of the negative issues about this season is its development of all contestants. This season seriously ruined a lot of characters, lets start with Courtney. We all thought she was going to be back of her TDI persona, the one whom everyone loved! But with the latest episode, it seemed Courtney didn't changed at all. And mostly, this season has focused too much on Mal arc story. Mal isn't a bad villain, but he ain't a very good villain. All he does is just breaking stuff and not as successful as Heather was as her villain role. Lindsay did nothing here, same with Lightning and Jo. I even don't know how Sam was in the season although he's one of my favorites. Sierra was okay at first, but got annoying and crazy attracted to Cameron, and Cam's development wasn't as good as he had in TDRI. I have no opinion about Alejandro. Poor Duncan, i dunno what will even happen to him in future. I can't even describe about Zoey. (

  • coughs*pleasenobashingplease*coughs*)

Lack of Continuty/Writing

Unlike TDI, this season looked to have some of bad writers for them episode (please for loving of god, give us better writers for the series!) Some of episodes were fun and good (early season), but some episodes was just terrible (11)

Lack of Relationships and being rushed

The one thing that is visible from this topic is Scourtney, the cute couple who were just rushed and broke up in just less than 10 episodes. Again, writers of TDAS didn't really do their job well with destroying the first relationship between an old and a new cast (except Gollum's crush on Snooki). I found Scourtney so much cute, but unforchantly, destroyed. One of the most annoying friendships was Cam and Sierra. At the beginning, it wasn't bad, but got seriously annoyed after Sierra wanted to eat the hell of little black guy. lol Gwetney friendship rushed as well, although this was one of the good things that happened in this season, but all ruined in episode 11 again (cantwaitfortheiryummykiss<3). One of the most-mixed points of this season was that one of the old couples have broken up, aka Gwuncan. It ended too bad, i hoped they have broken up better than this one.

2- Elimination

This is the topic some people are complaining about. Most of the eliminations were unfair, with first one being Lindsay. This season ruined her competition in only one episode since she was one of the best characters of TD series. Both Lightning and Jo have been eliminated too early, i liked them both, they're funny. *sighs* I was upset about Heather's elimination, she should have stayed longer and even ranked in top five at least. Some people thought that Cameron has gone too far, taking place on 7th place. I agree, he didn't have great development this season, with just being kind with his friends (mostly Zoey) and escaping from Sierra. 

3- Challenges

I was upset about this season's challenges. All of them were remixed of 3 or 2 challenges of previous seasons. Original ones would have been better. Hopefully, TDPI will bring us the shining original challenges.

4- Cameos

The cameos of TDRI were much better than TDAS. At-least, some of them had a major role like Heather's or Lindsay's. But this season has not only a few ones, but just cameos that don't make sense. For 100th episode, it shouldn't have been Zeke kidnap someone storyline, it just did somehow in TDRI. Or even Izzy's, i don't mean i don't like that, but Izzy should appear in a future episode to see what she knows about Mal. The only cameo i loved was just Cody's image (not at all, but still...)


Before the premiere of TDAS (or even since 2010), this season was too promising, as it was speculated that the fifth season could be the most successful. As well as, many people thought that all of old cast will return in this season (later confirmed with only some of them) along with all 13 new casts. It was even kind of positive and mixed when it was announced this will take place in Camp Wawanakwa again (for third time, duh).

However, as the season progressed, with its lacked development, story, rushed intractions, unfair eliminations, it got very mixed reviews and some of them were mainly negative, and even known for its unexcepted awful challenges and not brining back the magic of TDI old glory days.

At the conclusion

We hope that this season gets better in its 2 last episodes. Hopefully, next season aka Pahkitew island will be much better. And comment for any thoughts.

Note: No bashing/fighting please.

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