Currently, we have 5 seasons. At the end of the most episodes, audiences would see eliminated characters would go on something like Boat to exit the location of the season. So, guys, which one is your favorite and least favorite and why ?

I'll say mines here from best to worst:

1: Dock of Shame: With TDI being a classical season, it's surely have a great type for eliminated cast. In this one, the shame is both cool and emotional at the same time, you'll see the audiences' feelings how they feel when their favorite characters gets eliminated or when their least favorite character gets booted. Without doubt, this one is my favorite and there was no risky here, you could get on boat and go to home.

2: Drop of Shame: Next is for the musical season, world tour. You'd take the parachute and jump off the plane, its really exciting and it was funny to see where the eliminated cast are droping at. Like, a eliminated character droped in a place with a full of chicks, how lucky. lol

3: Walk of Shame: Even though TDA is one of my least favorite seasons, i should admit the walk of shame was fine and as cool as Dock or Drop of shame. In this, you'd feel honored when you're in a Lame-o-sine and go to home as it looked like you're a celebrity. lol 

4: Hurl of Shame: On the other hand, TDRI was one of my favoite seasons though its shame wasn't really that cool. Sure, it was hurling guys and it was funny when you hurled a character into sky, i like that part. But, do you know how much damage could the person get ? Especially like Scott in his worst time with being nearly eaten by Fang. Overall, it was a cheap kind of shame for this.

5: Flush of Shame: Uhhhhh...i dont know what to say about this. With such a bad season was with its rushed character development, unfair eliminations, and a bad kind of All-stars season, never excepted this kind of shame that the writers could go with. Really ? a Toilet ? Its really disgusting, i mean, you'd hate when you were on Toilet and get flush, like you'd get touched to poos and much more disgusting things. It's such a silly and this is the only shame i hate. 

Hopefully for who know what kind of shame we'll see in TDPI, it'll be cool and much better than Hurl or Toilet McDonald of shame. lol  

So, whats your favorite shame of elimination ? Hopefully you comment and share your ideas with us.

I'm Batman! :3 nobody eats my cookies! 07:28, May 21, 2014 (UTC)

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