When talking about TD, its not all great in its continuity (Al being robot, love triangle, etc.) And since three first seasons, the show hadn't a great main plot and most of twists were pretty boring in both TDRI and TDAS (except Dakota's mutation, which was both annoying and unexcepted).

And the late seasons hadn't a great and unique main plot, its just all about contestants fighting each other for a million dollar. I mean, why there can't be a Total Drama movie (animated of course) that has nothing to do with competing and competition ? And why there's not a special after 3 seasons ? These writers need to do their best to improve their writing to make something unique, interesting, something that we fans have never seen in the series (that can be both reality and fun) over the latest seasons (especially TDAS).

However, in your opinion, What main plot (that takes about a few seasons to explain) would you like to see in future seasons ? Or even what twists would you like to see ?  Let we hear your opinions here and hope you read our blog.

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