Important Note : The Main Villain i mean from title does not reference to a contestant.

As time passes, many fans say that every season has their own main villain, like Heather, Alejandro, Scott, Mal, etc. Some even consider Chris McLean as the main villain, and some consider the contestants that have an evil personality.

But let i say, while writers made these characters like Heather, Al, Scott, Justin, Courtney evil in the series, they have a heart, though this is different for Mal and Scarlett because Mal is not a real personality And thanks to the poor-writing of the season, he was a complete mess and wanted to destroy everyone in his hands without a reason, like a one-deminsional villain. Scarlett is like Superman, where she has a hidden physico personality which she hides from public and alter-ego who was shy and nice girl. Anyways lets move to main villain subject...

Before that, don't call this realistic, because this show has proven it's not realistic from the beginning (example: A bunch of raccoons came together and make themselves a transformers type in Episode 20 of season 1. Is it realistic ? nope, it's a cartoon.) Now on the subject...

Ever thought that why is there still not a true super-villain ? I mean "true super-villain" who is not a ghost, not a personality, not a super-villain who has powers like in Comics. Only a normal being like everyone else in the series, but they are "pure evil" in heart, they don't care about any people and want to get the power and care only about power. And kind of a villain that they do not like humanity, make them "the true evil."

I even thought that what if this main villain is linked to Chris McLean, something like "this guy ordered Chris to run a show named TD and once it gets enough seasons, he cancels it and gets money to create a factory that destroys every human, water, food, and needs."

This was my example, and what kind of main villain you want to see in the whole series ? Share your opinions and please comment. I hope everyone have fun in their ideas and thoughts. These questions can help you on your ideas:

What kind of main villain you want to see ?

What's their personality ?

What's their goal ? 

Which season they debut their appearance ?

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