Total Drama ran five seasons so far, with still TDWT and TDI were best, i guess it's time about Total Drama seasons taking place in a new location that isn't a camp island. We already had 3 seasons, with TDPI, will be 4th season to take place on a single island (if you except TDA, as it wasn't an island camp at all).

The thing is, that the series' locations have to be set only on islands because the series was influenced by Survivor. However, as much entertaining as survivor is, im just bored for its locations. Like, more than 20 seasons were take place on an island. I want a new theme, a refresh take on the series, and this series should use a theme that has never been before, total drama shouldnt be only on islands if you know what i mean.

Total Drama shouldn't be that much reality, because you see that radioactive monsters exist, aliens exist (as many people not believing), and many unrealistic things exist there. Then why not expand it ?

A tv series like this, has potential to expand its universe (more characters, more places, more seasons, etc.) Why not using a school theme for this ? Why not using time-travel ? Why not even using city as a place that you've to challenge with jobs as challenges, this will not only be unique, but also will be improved on us teens who will need a job in their future life. And more importantly, a season with underdogs that's just like All-stars, but an alternate version that everybody dreams that someone like Eva fights someone new like Dawn in future.

One of the themes Total Drama have to expand is, space. Believe me or not, a season based on space is pretty interesting. As i mentioned above, aliens do exist here, so why can't we expand this creature and explore more cosmic side of TD. This will not only make Total Drama to have aliens completely in its universe, but will be a key to expand even more with having a possible main bad guy or even more characters with actual development. 

I hope all of you read this blog atleast, share your opinions here. Thank you guys.

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