Sometimes, when a thing is in works, it'll be either successful or failure. Especially depends on the thing's ability or power. However, when the thing be failed for real, it won't be working anymore. Just like, movies, most of them are successful or failure. And once, the movie of a franchise goes EPIC Failing, it hurts the lack of Franchise and makes it to die, and not going forward anymore. And so, it's like a death, a very deadly death when it causes the thing won't be alive.

However, there's a way and a hope which makes the thing or anything else goes back to its glory days. The days when the thing was successful and was all much favored by everyone in the home world. Take note that this way or hope won't happen everytime or to anyone except it'll happen to some specials who deserve this. This way and this awesome hope is nothing other than a simple word : "REBOOT"

Yeah, that's right. When something is gonna be rebooted, it's going to back to its glory days and makes an incredible return.

And so, all of those above details are about someone, who were successful and did their work soooo terrific, but one day, made themselves fall from the Star rank to Rubbish rank. And after a period of time of failing, the person needs to kick some bad guys' b*tts in an inch at a time. And so, the person needs to achieve things they deserve and starts to Jump from Rubbish rank to Star rank!

It's no one else rather than a very black, lonely, masked person....The Caped Crusader..SO....

Wait, lets say about 2 things...


For now, i won't really edit as much as before, due to me should prove being a great one like before. So, i spend my time more on my real life, rather than being a guardian here.


Honestly, i do not care what kind of comment you put here. Positive, Negative, or anything else. It'd be fine for me.  But it's known for me that i don't really except this blog to have a lot of comments or be popular.


Behold the glory return of the Black caped person and this time, He's getting better than ever. And is ready to prove he's still a "Hope" and the "Epic" one!!!

P.S. Thanks for the reading. I'm Batman! :3 nobody eats my cookies! 05:15, May 31, 2013 (UTC)

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