As you know, there's going to be a new show with same TD styled named "Ridonculous Race." And as it is confirmed, it'll come before season 6 (which RR is after Pahkitew Island). So, what's the deal with this ? Why such a show should come between two separate seasons ? Chris always announce a new season at the end of each season, so why another show before a new season ? In this blog, i've a theory that Ridonculous Race is actually about using a time-travel themed to prevent the events of Pahkitew Island. And remember, it's not a spoilers nor a fact. This is all made up by me and as i linked every detail together. and it maybe true or all false. So, lets get started:

It all begins with this picture: This is from All-Stars finale where you see a squirrel with a derp face showing a sing that the world is going to be destroyed. So, what's the meaning of it ? It refers to 3 facts:

Number 1: Camp Wawanakwa is getting drown to sea which means it is the end of the island, which came out true.

Number 2: A reference to next season. you know that "cree" word for explode is Pahkitew. This picture shows a kind of exploding the earth, which foreshadowing the next season, aka Pahkitew Island

Number 3: A sign of the earth is getting destroyed ? Well, this one is tricky and creepy at the same time, this one means in one day, the earth will be destroyed. And we know Pahkitew Island means an island where all explosions happening.

So, with these 3 references. We're going to predict that at the end of the next season, the earth will be destroyed. creepy right ? And as we know, the finale of TDPI will be one hour together (or maybe 30 minutes), so this finale will have 2 parts as well.

First act will involve the two finalists for one million dolar, and the second act will involve the winner's money is stolen by a robot Machine (the machine will arrive from Pahkitew Island and activates itself), then there's a actual physical fight between the winner and the boss.

As the winner won the fight, the defeated boss unleashes his power to destroy the earth, which will be successed. The contestants don't know what to do as Chris and Chef escape, use their rocket and go to Space, then the earth will be bomed, which kills all the human being.

So, this will be the most controversial ending of a season that Fresh TV is able to cancel this show. However, the crew are planning a show that will fix the horrible events at the end of the pahkitew island. This will be named, Ridonculous Race. What the plot will be after the events of last season ? 

Before that, you see some aliens from Total Drama World Tour appearing in Area 51. Actually, these guys are from another race in space that were sent to Earth to find this machine and destroy the earth. Plus this machine is actually the one from the beginning of Revenge of the Island with a spaceman, where it named TDRI, and this will crash to Pahkitew Island for unknown reasons. Here's the plot:

"Chris and Chef went travelling around space to find a bunch of contestants to revive the tv show but with a different style, based on Amazing Race. During the events of the show, the secrets of machine is revealed, so Chris and Chef plan to use this contestants for a fictional season to get the time machine from an alien race in order to return to the events of Pahkitew Island."

It's a little confusing, i know, but that's all i made in my mind.

At the end of season, Chris and Chef finally get return to the finale by using the time machine. Then Chris stops the machine before getting in fight with the winner, thus the season will be ended. However, Chris tells Chef that he will be the new host of a new spin-off, with same name of Ridonculous Race. Even though in the new timeline that both of them didn't meet the alien race and those characters, they remember them. So as the first season didn't happen, the show ridonculous race will begin again with 2nd season. 

So, yeah. That's the silly but impressive theory i made. So, what do you think guys ? Share your opinions here.

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